Thursday, August 29, 2013

Come to a Minnie Mouse Party!

Come to a Minnie Mouse Party!

Want a fun and easy theme for a girl’s party? Try these low-cost ideas for a Minnie Mouse Party.  Most of these ideas can easily be adapted to a Mickey Mouse Party.

Minnie Mouse DressWhen my daughter-in-law Ashley told me they wanted to have a Minnie Mouse party for grand-daughter Aleyna’s second birthday, I “googled” and found an inspiration for making her dress (see "Nancy's Notes" below). I didn't have a pattern to fit Aleyna, so I used a larger “pillow-case” dress pattern as a guide, and drew and cut a pattern from heavy paper.  For the Minnie Mouse applique, I sketched my own design and drew it on black polka dot fabric that I had previously ironed "Wonder Under" onto. I ironed the applique onto the pink polka dot fabric following the directions on the "Wonder Under".  I used a wide zigzag stitch (length .5) to sew around the applique and added a pink polka dot bow.

I used wide single-fold bias tape to make a casing for elastic across the front and back and inserted 1/2" elastic. I adjusted the elastic to fit, and I sewed the elastic securely on both ends of the front and back bodice. I made straps out of black fabric with pink polka dot ribbon top-stitched in the center. This dress can easily be worn over a t-shirt or worn alone.

Aleyna loves the black satin
ribbon and bows!

Back view

Minnie Mouse Onesie - Baby Abby was only 2 weeks old for her big sister's party, but of course she had to be dressed in Minnie style!  I used leftover fabric from Aleyna's dress to add a ruffle, a smaller Minnie applique, and bows to a pink polka dot onesie. Of course, she looked adorable!

Baby Abby at her 1st party!

There can never be 
too many Minnie Mouses 
at a party!

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes - We baked 2 batches of "Funfetti" cupcakes (total 48) and let them cool. The cupcake papers that I used were black polka dot from a craft shop. I found this recipe at for "Easy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting" which I tinted pink to pipe swirls of icing on the cupcakes with a large Wilton 4B decorating tip. Instead of a pastry bag, I used a gallon freezer bag and cut off a corner to hold the decorating tip. I taped the bag securely around the tip to keep the icing from squirting out around the tip. I made Minnie's ears from of mini Oreos (1/2 for each ear), and the white polka dots are Kraft Jet-Puffed Mallow Bits.

Aleyna likes to help!

Ashley & Aleyna enjoy mixing the cupcake dough!

2 years old - Hooray!

Cupcakes fit for a princess

Minnie Munch - This delicious snack was my own "brainstorm"! First, I put Minnie Mouse stickers on 3 oz. white plastic bathroom cups. Next, we made the snack by mixing mini pretzels, M & Ms, small colorful marshmallow flowers, cereal, and goldfish crackers. You can vary the ingredients of the Munch according to your child's preferences!  The magic touch is to serve Minnie Munch in a pink Minnie Mouse bowl!

Minnie PB & J Sandwiches - Plain PB & J Sandwiches become spectacular when cut with a Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter!

Pink polka dot napkins and black cups and plates look very attractive in a woven Mickey Mouse basket. 

Everyone knows that tortilla chips, dip, and salsa taste even better when served in Mickey Mouse baskets!

Jacob's "Minnie" Mini-Dogs were especially delicious and very popular with the kids!

Nancy’s Notes: 
  • Use only real butter for the frosting.  I once used margarine in this recipe, and the frosting was too soft, resulting in a “droopy” mess!
  • Inspiration for the dress & cupcakes   
  • I used Wilton icing color in the frosting. If you use liquid food coloring, you may need to adjust the amount of milk.
  • Click here for ideas for a Mickey Mouse Party.

It was a great party!
L to R: Daughter-in-law Ashley, granddaughters Aleyna & Abby, and son Jacob


  1. Looks great! Can't wait to see what you come up with for Lucas' Mickey Mouse party!

    1. The Minnie Mouse Party was so much fun, and I am looking forward to the Mickey Mouse party for Lucas!