Friday, August 2, 2013

Don't Forget Your Phone!

How many times have you forgotten or lost your phone (or phone charger) at home or somewhere else?  I shared my tip for remembering both with a friend, and she told me to put it on my blog! So here it is, along with tips for camera charger and computer/charger:

Instead of laying my phone down on a table, etc.,in my home or elsewhere, I always keep my phone in my purse in a side pocket when not in use.  I keep my purse in a central place and move my purse (with phone) to another room as needed during the day.  Believe me, a purse is much easier to spot than a phone!  

I find it's easier to find things if I am consistent about where I put them, so I keep a small basket in my bedroom to house my phone charger and camera charger when not in use. I always know where they are! 

At night or anytime I need to charge my phone, I plug the charger into my phone and wall outlet in my bedroom, and I then drop my phone into my purse in its usual pocket, and place my purse on the stand beside of the outlet. Next morning, I am ready to go!

Ready to go!

Similarly, If I am on a trip, I charge my phone while it is placed in my purse. In the morning, it is so easy to unplug my phone and place my charger in my bag. 

Also, on trips, I place my computer beside of my phone and charge it overnight. In the morning, I unplug it and place my computer and charger in my tote bag.

For those who don't carry purses or totes, you can use the same tips and place your phone in or near your wallet, keys, and/or briefcase.

Remember, pick a "Charging Station" and stick with that location!  I hope these tips work for you!

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