Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rustic "Fence" King-size Headboard DIY

I asked my husband, Charlie, if he would help me build a rustic "fence" headboard.  He said he could handle rustic!  He did the design and all sawing.  I helped with the rest, including using the drill to attach screws!  That's real TEAMWORK!!

DIY: Full-Size Quilt "GROWS" to King-Size!!

"It's a shame this full-size quilt can't grow into a king-size quilt!" I moaned desperately.  Company's coming; new bed; new headboard; and no quilt - what a problem!  I loved the colors and style of the full-size quilt that had been on a guest bed. And then I had a brainstorm, "Hey, maybe this quilt can grow!" Here's my DIY with easy-to-follow directions and photos. It's "Sew-Easy"!

Monday, May 20, 2013

"Blast Off"! Rocket Learning Center

Kids love to "explore" outer space!  The “Blast Off” Learning Center originally started as a recycling project in my first grade classroom, and the kids loved this giant 8' rocket! Always willing to help, the cooks at our school saved 120 gallon-size cans, smoothly removed the tops of the cans, and washed and dried them thoroughly. It also greatly helped to have handy parent volunteers to assemble this project! This rocket is easily disassembled for portability. Special thanks to all!! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Healthy?? Who, me??

Do you consider yourself healthy? I certainly do, although some may disagree. Last May, I reluctantly retired from my teaching job due to illness which was escalated by stress. The result? More rest and less stress have resulted in a more healthier me.  

"Magical" Homemade Mermaid Costume

When my daughter-in-law asked if I could make my “Princess” granddaughter a mermaid costume, I was both excited and apprehensive.  I was excited because this would be a chance to be creative again after a long illness which had resulted in my recent retirement from my extremely stressful, strenuous, and very time-consuming teaching job.  I was apprehensive because I had never made a costume for a little girl (I have 3 sons), and also because I did not have a pattern.

Read All About It!! (School Newspaper)

My 6th Grade Class raised their own spending money for a class trip to an amusement park and fund a class project. How did they do it? Read All About It!