Thursday, August 8, 2013

Going On a "Toy Hunt"!


Okay, here we go again!  It's Cleaning Day, and you've already fussed at the kids twice because they did not pick up all of their toys when told. You send them back to finish this task, and they insist they picked up all of their toys this time. You go in the room, get down on your hands and knees crawling around, and find 5 Lego blocks, 2 super hero figures, 1 green truck, and 2 small balls. You are tired of fussing, so you pick these toys up and resume cleaning.  You start to vacuum the floor when "HMMMMPPP" - you hear a strange sound indicating that you just vacuumed something other than dirt! The kids scream, "Was that my Lego?"

Does the above scenario sound familiar?  
It probably does if you have children in your house!  If they have Lego Blocks and other small toys, you know how easily they can "hide" in carpet.  It is very painful when you step on them accidentally. Also, how often have you tripped, or even fallen, over toys left carelessly on the floor?

But today, I decided that we would do something different.  We would go on a "Toy Hunt"!! Grand-daughter Mia seemed willing to help, so I quickly handed her the special equipment - a flashlight! 

We began our search of the floor, under couches, shelves, and cabinets. When we spotted a toy, we used a ruler or yardstick to slide the toy out!   

"I see something!"

We looked behind trashcans and other furniture until finally I said, "I think we found them all!"  Mia quickly answered, "Let's look a little while longer!"  

Looking for lost "treasures"!

By this time, her brothers wanted to join the fun, so she reluctantly shared the flashlight for a little while.

We found toys that had been misplaced that week and even many toys that had gotten "lost" for a while. Among the special "finds" of the hunt were a Scooby Doo ring, toy kitchen lid, balls, Legos, pen, highlighter, and a couple of super hero figures. There were squeals of: 

"Look what I found!" 
"I've been looking for this!" 
"Hey, that's mine!"

The kids agreed that the "Toy Hunt" was fun! We will definitely do this again! I think I'll even buy extra flashlights! Maybe we will even make up a song!

"Toy Hunt" #1 Special Equipment - a FLASHLIGHT!!

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