Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Glasses - Who Needs Them?

Do you have vision problems? Do you wear glasses? Contacts? Bifocals? Enjoy this account of my "Vision Miracle"!

It was during the summer following my sophomore year of college when I got the dreaded news: I needed glasses!  Frankly, I was not surprised!  That spring I had been very sick with sore throat, etc., and the school nurses said it was probably tonsillitis.  I was given lozenges and told it was okay to go to class. I got sicker, so I called my Mom.  She said, "You probably have measles! I'm coming to pick you up". It turned out that when my aunt had returned home from Okinawa, she brought a unique "souvenir" with her  and shared it with several of the family, including my 2 brothers and myself. It was an unusual strain of measles! Following this illness, I had vision problems and extreme sensitivity to light. 

I asked my optometrist, "Do I have to wear glasses all of the time?" He answered that although I should wear them all the time, it was okay to remove them on special occasions like a date.  He said to always keep them with me because I would probably not be able to see a movie without them! He was so right!  When I left the office after I received my glasses, I looked at the mountains and could see different trees again instead of a "blob" of color! It was incredible! Several years later, I got contact lenses and wore them or glasses all of my waking hours!

My vision continued to "worsen" until eventually it was 20/400.  As soon as the contacts came out, the glasses went on!  I could not see the TV or across the room without corrective vision! I talked to my optometrist about having the costly laser surgery done at a later date, but I learned that I might end up in bifocals!  I decided to continue in glasses and contacts.

Next came the great news!  My vision started improving!  At first, I still wore 2 contacts, only at a lesser strength, supplemented by glasses 

A few years ago, my vision had improved enough that I only had to wear one contact lens for distance. That year in May, my vision test showed my vision was stable at 20/200, the same as the previous year. And then Disaster Struck, or so I thought.

Three months later while returning from a trip, I could not read road signs with my contact or glasses.  I was afraid that something bad had happened and maybe I was going blind!  When I returned home, I made an appointment with my optometrist and found out the surprising reason for my vision problem:  

My vision had improved 40% in three months!  

I was having trouble seeing because my glasses and contact lens were too strong! 

I left my optometrist's office with weaker contacts and an appointment to come back for a brief check in a month. Over the course of the next several months, the “brief visits” with more vision improvement continued until my eyes stabilized at 20/100. I still did not have back-up glasses to wear, but my optometrist said I could probably pass a driving test without a contact lens, if needed. 

I am still amazed by this startling great news!  In the last few years, my vision has improved from 20/400 to 20/100!!  At a time when several of my friends are wearing bifocals or even trifocals as well as talking about cataracts, I am now wearing only 1 contact on my right eye for seeing distances, and I can still read most written material with my left eye without the aid of glasses or contacts! 

I asked my optometrist  if other patients have had a dramatic vision improvement similar to mine, and I found out that I am not alone.  His other patients with improvement in vision, however, are those who have undergone bypass surgery and lost a huge amount of weight resulting in overall health improvement.  Others with vision improvement have made a complete life change with whole foods, etc.

Although I am still not certain why my vision has dramatically improved , here are some possibilities:
  • Overall Health - My health has improved dramatically, especially with reduced stress following retirement.
  • Pilates - I attend Pilates classes and do Pilates and other forms of exercise at home.  Pilates requires deep breathing which sends more oxygen to the vital organs and thereby promotes healing.  Pilates also reduces stress in the body which improves overall health. 
  • Acupuncture - My Acupuncturist has been involved in studies where vision has improved due to Acupuncture. Although I do not receive specific needles for vision improvement, Acupuncture has helped my overall health.
  • Restricted Diet – The Interstitial Cystitis Diet that I have followed for several years restricts Artificial flavorings and colors, preservatives, citrus and acids, caffeine, salt, and a whole lot more.
Maybe all of the above contributed to my vision improvement, or maybe my husband is right, and I am an alien from outer space!  

The most important thing is – My eyes have stabilized, and I now have new glasses that I may not need to wear.

Why?? Because I can see so well!

Thank you, Lord, for continued healing!

My new glasses!
2020 Vision Update: As expected, those glasses were rarely worn. My vision has continued to improve to the point that I no longer wear glasses for distance! At my last appointment, my vision was between 20/20 and 20/25. That's quite a change from 20/400! When I moved 3 years ago, I passed the test for a new Driver's License without correction! I have continued my healthy lifestyle, and I am so thankful for the vision improvement. My Dad said it's a miracle, and I agree!

I am wearing reading glasses now as needed, but that's not a big deal. I bought a variety of the cheap skinny ones in different colors! Cute!

Yes, miracles do happen! 
I'm a believer and an example!

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