Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Super Hero, "Justice League", Classroom

"What can my classroom theme be next year?"  

I always liked to pick a theme early so I could work on getting posters made and items collected over the summer.  One spring, I was thinking about how kids always seem to like Super Heroes, and I decided that "Super Heroes" would be a great theme for my fourth grade classroom. Next was a major brain storm - since my last name is "Justice", the class would be the "Justice League"!!  Decision made! 

"Have a "Super Year"!

Welcome to my Super Hero, "Justice League" Classroom, where every kid is a "Super Kid"!!  I modified an existing "Welcome" sign by adding the Super Kids banner that I drew and colored with markers. As you enter, listen closely: You may hear the "Superman Theme" playing on the CD Player!  


My daughter-in-law Heejin helped me with a lot of the artwork in the classroom. My door decoration (below) included popular Super Heroes which were taped onto the blue background made from bulletin board paper. We "free-handed" the designs for the Super Heroes on poster board, outlined with a black Sharpie, and colored with colored pencils and markers. The stars were made by first laminating yellow construction paper and then out cutting stars with a die-cut machine.  I drew the "Justice League" poster, outlined it with a Sharpie, and then used Cray-pas to finish the design. 

Justice League Zone!

I cut the "buildings" (below) from black bulletin board paper and glued them to pieces of blue bulletin board paper.  I then cut yellow rectangles and squares from bulletin board paper and glued them to the black paper to give the idea of skyscrapers. To hang, I strengthened the top of the blue background paper by gluing on strips of poster-board that were 2-inch wide and the width of the paper. Wide clear tape was added for additional reinforcement.  I then used a hole punch to put holes in the top and hung with clear fishing line and small binder clips from the ceiling.

"Super City"

Every Super Hero needs a "Code of Conduct", and our class was no exception! Super Work hung on 2 clothespin chains suspended from the ceiling on both sides of this bulletin board.

Super Hero Code of Conduct

I searched for border for Super Heroes, and I was fortunate to find this Super Kid border at our local school supply store.  It looked great around my large bulletin board.

:"Super Kid" Border

The large Super Heroes (below) each hung near their respective centers.  They were hung in the classroom from the ceiling using fishing line and binder hooks. Each was "free-handed" onto a full sheet of poster board, outlined with a black Sharpie, and colored using Cray-pas.  

Mighty Math computes tall problems!

Super Science Man to the Rescue!

ABC Man and Marvel Comics Poster

Global Girl Complete with Compass Rose

In the hallway outside my classroom, I hung this purchased Super Kids Banner.  Above it I hung a Hall of Justice Banner that I made. Beneath the banners was a double "clothesline" with colorful clothespins to display children's work.

Hall of Justice

Nancy's Notes:
  • Each week we had a different "Super Leader" to call tables, lead the class, etc.
  • Each student made a Super Hero and gave it a name.  Those were hung in the hallway with Super Goals for the year.
  • I shopped the "dollar" stores, and found a "Spider-man" mouse pad for my computer and "Batman" and "Spider-man" place-mats to put under the electric pencil sharpener, etc.
  • To add to the fun and set the mood, I wore a Super Girl cape for orientation!!

  • "Super Hero" stickers added to the fun! 
  • I used this site for inspiration: 

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