Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend, 2013 - Texas Road Trip!!

Labor Day Weekend, 2013, let's go on a road trip!  This would be a great opportunity to visit our son Jacob's family in Texas. Growing up, my family always did something special on Labor Day - usually attending a local Labor Day Celebration with abundant friends, food, music, and fun! I was excited that our family would be doing something special again this year.

For this trip to Texas, we were taking 2 vehicles, and that meant that I needed to drive my husband's new, B I G, truck! I had driven the truck on short excursions around town, but to Texas??  I quickly thought about it and announced (more confidently than I felt) that I could do it! "Sure I can", I said, "At least it's not as big as a school bus!"

Next, we packed our bags, and very early Saturday morning we loaded three extremely excited grand-kids (with toy bags,etc.) into the back seat of the truck, and I climbed into the driver's seat. Why did the kids want to ride with me? That's a "no brainer"; it's because I had the DVD player, of course! My new traveling motto - Have GPS, Will Travel!!

Mamaw is driving - AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Heejin, my co-pilot!

After our long journey with a several stops for food and restroom, we are finally in Texas!

A "Welcome" sign!

Beautiful sculpture at the Texas  Rest Area -
Everything's BIGGER in Texas! 

I love this trash can!

Texas - interesting sites and happenings

Munching on granola bars
and watching TV in our hotel room!

The grand-kids were so excited to visit with each other, and they loved eating out. Here we are at Panera Bread, where you can even order PBJ!

Eating out - the girls' table

The best thing about having family spread out all over the country is when we travel to their homes for long visits! This trip was real "quality time"! Our son Jacob cooked a family favorite meal - Breakfast for Dinner! His dad and Noah were great helpers!

Visiting family - Ashley & Abby

Jacob & Bo

The Texas temperature was BIG, also! Two days the temp rose to a blistering 102 degrees!

The kids loved cooling off in the indoor pool!

What do you do 
when you wake up at 5:00 a.m.
 and can't go back to sleep? 
The Treadmill, of course!
Hitching a ride

Finally, it was time to "pack up" for the return trip home. Mia and Noah are great "Bell Hops!

Papaw & Aleyna at one of my favorite restaurants-
The Genghis Grill

Alex loved his meal, especially the noodles!

This was the most interesting "Restroom Stop"!

Our BIG Texas trip was super-great!

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