Friday, August 9, 2013

First Day of School - My Lesson Plans

Even for an experienced teacher, the beginning of the school year is hectic! I have found it is best to "over plan" the day as you get acquainted and establish routines. Have pencils, Black Sharpie Markers, black pens, and highlighters available! (Times are approximate and may vary depending on your school schedule.)   

Mrs. Nancy Justice’s 4th grade class 

8:15    Lunch and Attendance  
  • Morning worksheets:  Scrambled school terms, word search puzzles, etc.
  • Snowball Activity  -  On a sheet of paper, have students list 3 things about themselves (no names on paper). Have students keep this sheet to share after the next game.
  • Get acquainted Alliteration game – Students introduce themselves by saying names and something they like that starts with the same letter of the first name.  Teacher goes first!!                                         Example:  My name is Annie, and I like apples!
  • Complete Snowball Activity – Students “wad” up paper and throw it in the air like a snowball. Everyone grabs another “snowball” and sits down. Students takes turns reading the descriptions, and students guess whose paper it is.
  • Class Rules - Read from the chart and discuss.
  • School Rules - These are posted around the school and listed in the Student Planners.  Begin reading and discussing some of them at this time, and explain that we will gradually go over all of the rules. Students will highlight key words.
  • Student Search Activity – Use worksheet to record items like someone who likes pizza, baseball, etc.  You may design this, or list items on the board and students white them on a piece of grid paper.  Allow 5 minutes for students to walk around the room and find someone who matches each description.
  • Supplies - Take up supplies; record on a student “name” sheet. Make sure names are on all supplies with Sharpie markers, including notebooks that are being stored. Students may keep 2 pencils and crayons in bank bags or school boxes. Collect markers, glue, and scissors and place in the large rectangular containers.  Extra pencils, erasers, etc. can be placed by student # in “extra box”, which is under computer table. If students don’t have supplies by next week, check with the office. One marble tablet should be labeled “Journal”.   
  • Playground rules – Students take turns reading rules orally; discuss, and highlight (from Student Planners). Role Play if time permits.
Restroom Break
  • Pass out textbooks.  (Textbooks are numbered and in cubbies in numerical order.) Have students write names on the paper containing the Book Number and leave it in the cubbies while books are at the desks. List the Book Numbers beside of students' names in your Roll Book. Have students write first and last names and year in text with black pen.  List assigned numbers beside of names on a student name list.  Use a “buddy system” to make sure everyone checks text # and writes full names in each text and workbook. Students return books to cubbies.
11:30-11:50    Lunch 
  • Continue reading and discussing School Rules (from planners).
  • Math – Post-It Note Graph, “How did you get to school?”
  • Go over Bus Dismissal procedures – refer to bus lists and make sure everyone knows which bus to ride.  Please list bus #s on a chart!  Notify office if a student thinks he/she is a Car Rider or Student Care but does not have a note. 
  • Pass out Work Folders – students write names with Sharpie markers.
  • Bus Safety Procedures – Discuss and role play
  • Additional Activities (if needed):
       “All About Me” Worksheet
       Multiplication Bingo – located on Math shelf in back of room
       Read Aloud (if time permits) – choose book from the bookshelf.
       "What I Did This Summer" - Write and/or draw a picture.

2:50  Pack-up and pass out papers
3:00  Car riders
3:05  Bus Dismissal begins
3:15 Last buses dismissed and Student Care to Cafeteria

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