Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jello and Popsicles - Math Is Delicious!!

Math is delicious! When kids can "cook" and eat while doing Math, they really have fun while learning! These activities involve measurement, division, multiplication, addition, problem solving, and prediction/estimation along with some science skills. Both activities can  be done at home or at school by following these easy directions and photos. Enjoy!

What do you do when the grandkids are home from school? We like to make snacks! Of course, since Math is so delicious, everything becomes a Math lesson! My directions and comments are in black, Mia's are in red, and Noah's are in blue.

Caution: Both activities involve boiling water, so supervise carefully!!



3 oz. pkg. Jello Gelatin Dessert Mix
1 cup boiling water
about 1-1/4 cups of ice cubes

Directions & Dialogue: 

First, we will heat water to boiling. We will pour 1 small package of jello into a measuring cup and add 1 cup of boiling water. We need to stir for 2 minutes. 

I'll set the buzzer!

Who wants to stir first?

I do! (stirs) 

Mia, would you get the ice ready?


Mia, now it's your turn! (Mia stirs.)

This is fun!

Now, you can add the ice. Remember to stir until it dissolves.


Do you remember how many servings this makes?

(Unison) 5!!!

If one small package of jello makes 5 servings, how many will 2 small packages make?


Good answer! Let's prove it!

(We made another package of jello in a different flavor).

You are right! Now we have 10 servings! If you each eat 1 of the cups of jello a day, how many days will it last?


No, Mia, you're wrong. Watch. (He touches the lids as he counts.) 2-4-6-8-10. We will eat 2 each day, so that's 5 days.

How about if your brother eats one each day?

Let me check it by threes. 3, 3, 3. There's one left. We will each get 3, so that's 3 days, and there's going to be a fight over that last one!

Look! There were 2 left in the refrigerator from last time! How many cups of jello do we have now?


That's right! Now, how long will the jello last?

If we eat 3 each day, they will last for 4 days!

Good answer!

Now, let's put the jello in the refrigerator. It should be ready by this afternoon!

Yummy desserts!


Note: Please click for the complete recipe for the popsicles. 

(After we made the mix for the Homemade Popsicles, Noah carefully measured 6 tablespoons of the mix into a measuring pitcher with a spout for easy pouring.) 

Next, we put 1 cup of water into the microwave and brought the water to the boiling point of 212 degrees (about 2-1/2 minutes). 

It takes 2/3 cup of boiling water for 6 popsicles, so we used the 1/3 measuring cup and filled it 2 times. The grandkids took turns stirring until the mix was dissolved. They then added 2/3 cup of cold water and stirred well.

Look, kids! There's only 5 popsicle molds because 1 was left from the last time! What should we do?

The kids answered in unison, "We can drink the other one!!"

So that's what we did! I poured the remaining liquid into 2 cups and added crushed ice. Talk about a delicious "Snow Cone"!! This definitely tops it!

After the lids were put on, the kids predicted how long it would take for the popsicles to freeze completely, and we checked them each hour. After 2-1/2 hours, there was still some liquid, and the mold was still a little squishy at 3 hours, so Mia's estimation was closer. I still say it's better for the popsicles to be in the freezer overnight.

These activities were really fun, and I think the kids learned a lot.

At least this time I did not get asked, "Mamaw, why does everything have to be a lesson?"

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