Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Doctor! Help, Please!! My Dolly Needs Stitches!!

When a favorite doll or stuffed animal is torn and the stuffing is coming out, it can be very upsetting for a child. I have been an "unofficial toy doctor" over the years, and here are my photos and tips for stitching toys up almost as good as new!

"Mamaw, help! Minnie Mouse is falling apart! You need to sew her!" my granddaughter yelled. She thinks I can fix anything, and, of course I will try. It's "Doctor Mamaw" to the rescue!

On closer observation, I see what the problem is: while satin looks very good on animals and toys, it ravels easily and is often not very durable.

The first step in repairing Minnie was to "toughen up" the satin fabric. I applied Fray Check to both sides of the satin edges and let it dry. (Fray Check is available at Walmart and fabric and craft shops.)

After the Fray Check dried, I used a long darning needle and strong thread in a matching color to "whip-stitch" the torn seam back together. With each stitch, I had to "pull" both sides together for a tight seam.

I sewed back over the seam a second time for a more secure seam.

Last, I reapplied Fray Check to the new seam, covering the thread and let it dry completely. 

The job is done, and Minnie is looking very happy. Honestly, she didn't feel a thing! When I pulled her skirt down over the stitched area, she looked as good as new! 

My granddaughter is all smiles again, and another special toy has been saved from the trash dump!

"Doctor Mamaw's" payment = 
a big hug!!

Thanks, Doctor Mamaw!!

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