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"Build" a Lego & Lego Friends Party!

Kids' birthday parties are great fun, and this combination Lego and Lego Friends Party for 2 of my grandkids was a definite winner! View my photos and easy-to-follow directions to "construct" your own party - complete with Chocolate Legos, Lego Cookies, Lego Cupcakes, Lego sign, and Lego Pinata!


My daughter-in-law Heejin made a Lego invitation for both Mia and Alex that she could send online and pass out to friends. She also used personalized Lego Friends invitations that she could print for Mia's class.

Lego Pinata

Heejin found a picture online as inspiration for the Lego Pinata, but she made hers differently. Also, hers was not a "pull pinata". 

She "constructed" the base for the Lego Pinata out of 2 cereal boxes. She cut the back out of one of them; the other box was cut leaving about an inch of the back of the box for overlap. The boxes were then taped together using wide masking tape.

Nancy's Tip: Do not use scotch tape or wide clear tape because white glue will not stick to these tapes.

Cardboard tubes from toilet paper were cut into 1" sections. Dixie 3 oz  paper Bath Cups were cut to fit and inserted and into sections of the cardboard tubes.

Masking tape was used to connect the tubes to the front of one of the boxes.

Extra cardboard was glued to the top for more stability.

A roll of yellow Crepe Streamer was wrapped and glued around the boxes. A separate piece was wrapped around each cardboard roll, and a circle glued on the cup bottom.

A Lego logo that she printed was then glued onto each circle.

A thin jute rope was inserted under the top of the boxes and tied.

Completed Lego Pinata
Great job, Heejin!!
This very appropriate and creative welcoming sign was "constructed" from Legos by big brother Noah.


The Lego plates and napkins were a "steal" on the Clearance Rack at Party City for $1.00 each (regular price $5.00 each)!!  I couldn't find Lego Friends Plates and napkins, so we settled for pink plates, purple napkins & cups, and purple tablecloths (Walmart, 97 cents each).

Heejin and Noah made the awesome Spoon & Straw Holder out of Legos.

Front, with Clear Legos
Lego Cookies

Heejin used a photo that she found online for inspiration for the Lego Cookies. She also watched a video on YouTube for instructions for "Flood Icing".

She made the cookie dough from a sugar cookie mix. She rolled the dough out 1/4" thick on a floured surface, and we used a ruler to cut the dough in long straight rows. She then cut the dough crosswise into rectangles.

Heejin's Tip: Chill rolled-out dough about 30 minutes to 1 hour to make it easier to cut.

After the cookies were baked and cooled, she used Wilton Color Flow Mix to ice the cookies. She tinted the icing with Wilton colors and put it in disposable decorating bags with Writing Tip #2 or #3. She then piped around each cookie.

Next, she filled in the spaces with zigzags of Color Flow Icing and used a toothpick to smooth it. M & M candy was then added.

The "Chocolate" Legos were quite a hit! We used a Silicone Lego Brick Mold and Wilton Candy Melts to make the Legos.

I put the melts in a glass micro-safe container and microwaved according to package directions until smooth. I then folded a disposable decorating bag down to easily pour the "Melted Melts" in before snipping a tiny corner off the end of the bag.

Pipe the "dots" first and then fill each Lego in the mold halfway. Tap the mold several times on the counter to release the air bubbles. 

Place the filled mold in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to harden. To unmold, twist the mold slightly and press the Legos out. 

Nancy's Tip: On my first try, I just poured the "Melted Melts" into the mold, and it did not fill the dots. If the "dots" don't come out on the first try, just melt and try it again!

Pipe the "dots" first!
This was fun!!

Colorburst Brights Legos
Blue Legos


I baked 2 batches of "French Vanilla" cupcakes (total 48) in colorful Wilton papers in green, yellow, and purple and let them cool. Two batches of frosting were made from a recipe for "Easy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting". 

The frosting was then divided into 3 bowls and tinted yellow, pink, and purple using Wilton colors. A large #1M Open Star Tip and disposable decorating bags were used to pipe swirls of icing on the cupcakes. Two "Chocolate" Legos were carefully placed on each cupcake. 

Nancy's Tip: The larger Legos were carefully cut into smaller pieces using a sharp knife before placing them on the cupcakes.

The cupcakes were then beautifully displayed on the Wilton Stacked Cupcake and Dessert Tower.

A #3 and a #5 candle were added to 2 cupcakes on the top level of the tower for the birthday boy and girl.

Top of the Tower

It's Party Time!!

It was a gorgeous day for a party. The outside activities included a Fun Jump and games. Inside was the "Dance-a-thon" courteous of Wii Just Dance 2 for Kids.

Alex takes a giant leap!
Can you guess how many Legos are in the jar? The prize?? A set of Legos, of course!!

Let's eat!! Pizza, chips, and drinks were served, and then it was time for dessert!

"Happy Birthday to you!" Now, make a wish and blow out the candles! 

Cups of chocolate and vanilla ice cream were passed out along with the delicious Lego cupcakes and Lego cookies.

Mommy lights the candles for Alex & Mia
while Papaw and Daddy look on.
And now...Time to open the gifts!!

The presents included, of course, a lot of Lego Sets!!

What's inside???

"I've always wanted this!!"

Lots of Legos!!
Mia takes a swing!

The handmade Lego Pinata was quite a "hit"! It was actually sturdier than we thought it would be. As a result, all of the kids got a chance to take a big swing and hit it before it broke. A mountain of candy fell out, and the kids rushed to fill their bags!

Goody Bags were given to the friends who attended. Contents included a stamp, Bubble Ring, and a Block Puzzle that resembles a Lego.

Don't forget your "Goody Bag"!
Now that the party is over, it's time to build with the new Lego Sets. Thanks for coming!

It was a great party!
I wish they had Lego Friends when I was a kid!

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