Friday, March 7, 2014

You Might Be a Crafter If ...

Being a true crafter carries with it certain unique traits. See if you can identify with any of these characteristics.

You might be a true crafter if:

  • You constantly say, "I can make that!"
  • It's hard to buy things because you know you can make it better and cheaper!
  • You have worked on wedding flowers at ballgames.
  • You have trouble throwing things away because you know you can make something out of them.
  • Lots of people ask for your help with craft projects and for craft items.
  • At Christmas and birthdays, you ask for gift cards from Hobby Lobby and fabric stores.
  • You buy a cube box of tissues and dump the tissues in a Ziploc bag to use the box for a craft.
  • You teach a free art class because you already have the materials.
  • You take no money to the Arts and Crafts Fair - only paper and pencil for sketches. (A camera would be better but too obvious!)
  • You have worked on craft projects in the waiting room at Doctor appointments.
  • You have done calligraphy on wedding invitations in a hospital waiting room.
  • You donate boxes of fabric and can't really tell that anything is missing from your craft closet.
  • You know first-hand that it is possible to cross stitch with an IV in your hand.
  • You are a little upset that craft scissors and needles & thread are no longer allowed on flights because that hampers your current project.
  • You spy something in a trash pile and try to get your husband to stop.
  • You go back alone to the trash pile the next day because he wouldn't stop.
  • Your art decorates your walls.
  • Your husband complains that even when he is in the bathroom, he feels like he's in a craft shop.
  • You answer, "And your point is???"
  • You don't have to worry that someone else brought the same gift to a shower or party, because you know yours is unique!
  • You are surrounded in your home by many beautiful things that you have made.
  • You are thankful for your God-given talent.
  • If you are reading this, and you think I wrote this about you, 

You are a true crafter!!

This large Crewel Embroidery picture (complete with handmade frame),
which hangs in my living room, took about 6 weeks to complete.

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