Friday, February 28, 2014

Fitness With Kids

Don't use your kids as an excuse to not exercise.  Find fun ways to exercise with them!

I am very adamant about fitness and my daily workouts, whether at home or on the road. Often, I have grandchildren around who want to join in the fun! 

When visiting Lucas, we had a great time doing Pilates exercises with Mommy's Toning Ring and Whole Roller!

Toning Ring

Whole Roller -
a Balancing Act!!

Exercise Resistance Bands, which are available in light, medium, and heavy, are great for muscle strengthening and toning. They are lightweight and roll or fold for portability, making them easy to tuck into my travel bag. My motto is: Don't leave home without them!

Alex likes to s-t-r-e-t-c-h ! ! !

Calf Stretch

The Spin Board is fun and easy to use for all ages, even while watching TV! An instruction sheet with different twisting exercises is included with it.

Spin Board

Daughter-in-law Ashley teaches the TOT Program (Teams Of Tomorrow), which provides opportunities for kids to experience and master ball handling skills. Kids love doing this!

Below, Aleyna is rolling the ball around her body as practiced in the TOT Program.

Abby thinks it's never
too early to start exercising!

My grandkids love to exercise with the game systems. In the photos below, Mia & Noah are doing the Wii Just Dance Kids 2. I have tried these kids' dances, also, and they are very high energy. This is certainly not just "Kid Stuff"!!

Here the grandkids are having fun "working out" at my son Jacob's with the Xbox 360 Kinect - no hand controls needed!

Riding bikes and trikes is a fun way to exercise, especially in a light rain and puddles!! Often when I am watching the kids play outside, I use my hula hoop or my toning ring for a mini-workout. On this day, I will admit, I was just staying out of the rain!

Ab Workouts take on a new meaning when using a child for resistance instead of ankle weights! 

Joshua will agree: walking Cody and pulling a full wagon uphill is definitely a workout!! 

Fit dog, fit Dad, fit kids!

Now, I hope you are motivated to use your child (or grandchild, etc.) as an excuse to get fit!!

1, 2, 3, Get fit!!

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