Friday, July 25, 2014

Beach Cover-Up/Beach Towel How-To

Are you searching for the perfect Swimsuit Cover-Up? How about a new large beach towel?? Use my "sew-easy" directions and photos to sew this quick and easy, versatile project that solves both problems! At the pool or beach, it unzips to become a beach towel, and after your swim, it can easily go from the beach to the street!


Note: Amounts listed are for Size Small; adjust for other sizes.

Terry Cloth or similar fabric - about 1-1/3 yard
24" Separating Zipper
6" zipper (regular)
Single-Fold 1" Wide Bias Tape
Soft Rope or Cord - about 2 yards


Cut a piece of Terry Cloth 46" x 44". On the two 44" sides, finish the edges with a zigzag stitch or serge. 

Turn edges under 5/8" and pin. Starting about 1-1/2" from the top edge,  pin zipper in place. Stitch securely using a zipper foot. 

For ease, unzip the zipper to complete the Cover Up. Turn the fabric under and narrow hem from the end of the zipper to the end of the 44" sides. 

Note: depending on the thickness of the fabric, you may fold the fabric under 5/8" and top-stitch or zigzag stitch instead of narrow hem.

Turn the top edge under 3/8". Cut a piece of 1" wide bias tape the width of the fabric plus 1". On each end of the bias tape, turn under 1/2" and stitch. On the inside, edge-stitch both sides of the flat-fold bias tape over the folded down edge, leaving the ends open and creating a "casing" for the rope/cord. 

Insert the rope/cord through the casing. When the rope/cord is centered, hand-stitch through the fabric and the rope/cord in the center back to secure and keep the cord from pulling out. Knot the ends of the rope/cord.
Note: A large safety pin inserted through the end of the cord makes it easy to insert the cord through the "casing".

For the pocket, cut a 7" x 7" square of fabric. Turn one side under 1/2" and sew to one side of the 6" zipper using a zipper foot. Turn remaining sides under 1/2" and pin. Turn fabric ends of  zipper under; pin. Sew 3 sides and remaining side of the zipper to the right side of the Cover-Up. (See photo for placement.)

Hem the bottom edge, or you can just let it "fray" or ravel.

Ready for a beach vacation!

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