Friday, August 1, 2014

...and the WINNER Is...

Choosing a Logo for my blog was not as easy as it sounds, so I decided to let my followers help me decide. Unbelievably, there was a tie. Here's how I settled it.

Ms. Nancy's Nook needed a logo, so I wrote a blog post asking my viewers to help me decide. Here's how it began:

Ms. Nancy's Nook needs a Logo, and I have been busy sketching! I am having trouble deciding on the best one. Will you help? Please go to my Facebook Page and vote for your favorite!

I had done many sketches, but I had narrowed it down to a total of 7 sketches to choose from. You can view all the choices at: Vote for a Logo!!

Although many viewed the "Vote for a Logo!!" Blog Post, only 16% of those who viewed actually voted. Surprising? I'm not sure why, but that's the way it is. Okay, one loyal follower voted 5 times, but who's counting?  So when the actual votes were counted, there was a tie between #6 and #7.

Of course, I drew all of the sketches, so I didn't want to choose the winner. In sketching the designs, I wanted my logo to look handmade, so I loved the stitching. Also, the "denim look" really appeals to me, so I was glad that these were the top 2 choices.

Now what do I do? I didn't vote originally, and I certainly didn't want to make the final decision now.

My son Joshua had done a lot of research about logos and shared it with me. It seems that the top logos use a maximum of 2 colors along with black and/or white. Both #6 and #7 comply with these guidelines.

I also read over the comments. One commented that she liked the brightness of #6. Another liked #7 but thought it would look better with red buttons. A third really liked the black roof and red chimney.

I decided to listen to the comments and somewhat combine the two top designs and come up with what will now be the logo for Ms. Nancy's Nook: 

  • It's bright. 
  • It has red buttons. 
  • It has a red chimney. 
  • It has a black roof.

Now here's my Ms. Nancy's Nook official Logo, and I love it! I hope you like it, too!

...and the WINNER is...

Special thanks to those who viewed, voted, and/or commented!

Special thanks to granddaughter Mia for helping with the "????? design" at the top of this post!

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