Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Refrigerator - Ways to Save!

I just bought a great new refrigerator, and it has been delivered! What's different about that? I shopped without leaving my home, and the $1,595.99 in savings and rebates was tremendous!  

The decision had finally been made, we were getting a new refrigerator! Our old white refrigerator (almost 14 years old) still works, so it will be "retired" to the garage for extra cold storage! Sounds like a plan!

Over-crowded refrigerator!

What's on my refrigerator "wishlist"? 
  • Large - bigger than current refrigerator, but must fit into existing space
  • Stainless Steel
  • French Doors with freezer on bottom
  • Filtered water and ice in the door
  • On sale/great price
  • Great rating & energy efficient
I started my refrigerator search on the computer from the comfort of my home. Sears and Lowe's both have programs to do comparisons of different appliances, so I started there.

At Sears, you can also chat with a Sears Appliance Expert online about what you are shopping for, and I did this quite a few times on different days during my search for the "perfect refrigerator". They will also do comparisons of 2 to 3 models at a time and send you the info to view and/or print. I had used this service previously when shopping for a new dishwasher, and I was very pleased. There was also a video that explained the features of the model that I chose, and a phone number is listed if you want to talk in person.

Our family has had great success with many Kenmore appliances in the past, so I decided to check that brand out, along with some others. The LG brand interested me because of its features and reputation, but I knew the Kenmore models are priced lower. 

Finally, after comparing online, I narrowed by choices down to 4. Two of these were Kenmore, one of which had a bad rating. I read the reviews, and they were not favorable for that model, so I decided to mark that one off my list. One was a higher priced LG that had great features, but the price was really higher that what I had planned to pay. I asked the "expert" the manufacturer of the larger Kenmore Elite that I really liked which was on sale for $1,400 off the regular price, and after checking with the expert, I was told it was manufactured by LG! When I asked for a recommendation between my top choices, the expert recommended the Kenmore Elite (made by LG). That decided it!

Instead of actually ordering from the Sears site, however, I logged in to a Rebates site. Ebates had several rebates listed for Sears, and after looking them over, I was able to get free shipping and set-up from Sears ($69.00 value), and 3% off the purchase price in a separate check. Hence, next month a Rebate Check will be sent to me for $57 from Ebates! Since the purchase was from Sears, and I have a Shop-Your-Way Rewards Card through K-Mart, I was able to use that, too! The total in points would have been $19, but Sears was offering a special for appliances at a certain price, and mine qualified. That was an extra $50, total $69 in points that can be redeemed at Sears, K-Mart, and other designated stores. Amazingly, that was a total savings of $1,595.99!

The day before delivery... I put the frozen foods in our free-standing freezer. Two of my grand-kids helped take the magnets, photos, and papers off the refrigerator/Art Gallery!

I cleaned the outside of the refrigerator with Windex. After the 
refrigerator and freezer were emptied, I washed the inside with water and baking soda.
Sparkling clean again!

Clean, inside and out!
Origin of hidden "Mystery Smell"
We cleared a "temporary" spot in our over-crowded garage, and later made a permanent spot for the old refrigerator.

The day of delivery... Coolers/ice chests were brought to the kitchen and dining room. I filled them with ice packs and perishable foods, leaving a few things such as ketchup, dressings, pickles, and fruit until last.  

The Delivery Man called and said they would be late, so I asked him to call me when they were "on their way". 

Suddenly, I heard a loud truck, and my grandson Noah yelled, "The refrigerator is here! I see the truck!" The Delivery Man assured me I did not need to panic! I quickly removed the remainder of items (pickles, dressings, etc.) which I had placed in dishpans and set them on the counters. 

In dishpans, ready to go!
Quick move!

I reminded the Delivery Men that I wanted the old refrigerator moved to the garage. They were certainly professional as they removed my door and used harnesses to carry the old refrigerator out and the new one in!

Temporary home!

I was then given an overview of the new refrigerator and handed my new book. Surprisingly, there was no receipt with the refrigerator like, "Back in the day". The receipt had to be printed from my e-mail.

I was instructed about throwing away the first batches of ice, temperature of refrigerator and freezer, and shown its many features. Finally, I could remove the protective plastic. It is now mine! 

Lots of storage!
The "Kids' Drawer"
(according to the Grand-Kids)

I love my new refrigerator!
I love my new Stainless Steel Refrigerator, and I love that I saved $1,595.99, all without leaving my home! Now what will I spend that savings on????


  1. Good job!! And I am sure you will find something to spend it on. lol