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Ultimate Lego Party 2!

It's Party Time! This Lego Party that we "constructed" for my grandson was definitely awesome! View my photos and easy-to-follow directions to "build" your own party - complete with Colored Chocolate Legos, Lego "Brownies", Lego Cupcakes, Lego Door Cover, and Lego Pinata!

Following is how we "constructed" a Lego Party for grandson Noah.

Step 1: Create the Invitations

Daughter-in-law Heejin used these photos for a Facebook Event Invitation.

Noah takes a plunge!

Lego Guy - relaxing in the pool

Heejin put several online ideas together for this invitation. She completed it with date, time, and place, and Noah passed them out to his friends.

Step 2: Make a great door cover! 

We saw a photo on Facebook for a Lego Door, but it had no directions. This is how we made ours:

Start the door cover by measuring the door and adding 4 inches for overhang. Cut a piece of Kraft Wrapping Paper to this measurement.

Next, cut a piece of white plastic tablecloth the width of the brown paper. The height of each piece will vary according to the size of your door.

Use a cool-melt glue stick and glue gun with the cool-melt setting to glue the plastic to the brown paper.

Next, cut a piece of red plastic tablecloth cut in a 6-sided shape (see below). Glue to the brown paper.

A six-sided shape from the blue plastic tablecloth was then cut and glued to the brown paper.

Glue matching dessert-sized paper plates to the 3 shapes, resembling Legos.

Fold the top of the brown paper over the door, and adhere with painter's tape. Repeat at the bottom of the door. Leave enough room so the door knob will still turn, and you won't need to cut around it. 

We set up a small step ladder beside of the door, and Noah displayed completed Lego creations on it!

Welcome to Lego Land!!
Step 3: Prepare the desserts.

The "Colored Chocolate" Legos were quite a hit! We used a Silicone Lego Brick Mold and Wilton Candy Melts to make the Legos.

Put the melts in a glass micro-safe container and microwave according to package directions until smooth. Fold a disposable decorating bag down to easily pour the "Melted Melts" in before snipping a tiny corner off the end of the bag.

Pipe the "dots" first and then fill each Lego in the mold halfway. Tap the mold several times on the counter to release the air bubbles. 

Place the filled mold in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to harden. To unmold, twist the mold slightly and gently press the Legos out. 

Ms. Nancy's Tip: On my first try, I just poured the "Melted Melts" into the mold, and it did not fill the dots. If the "dots" don't come out on the first try, just melt and try it again!

Pipe the "dots" first!
This was fun!!
Colorburst Brights Legos

Blue Legos

I baked 1 batch of "French Vanilla" cupcakes  and 1 batch of chocolate (total 48) in colorful Wilton papers and let them cool. Two batches of frosting were made from a recipe for "Easy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting". 

The frosting was then divided into 2 bowls and tinted red in one bowl and yellow in the other using Wilton colors. A large #1M Open Star Tip and disposable decorating bags were used to pipe swirls of icing on the cupcakes. Two "Chocolate" Legos were carefully placed on each cupcake. 

Ms. Nancy's Tip: The larger Legos were carefully cut into smaller pieces using a sharp knife before placing them on the cupcakes.

The cupcakes were then beautifully displayed on the Wilton Stacked Cupcake and Dessert Tower.

Grandson Noah requested "real" Chocolate Lego Brownies, and so I decided to make Chocolate Legos from my Double Chocolate Bar Cookies Recipe! I simply omitted the chocolate chips on the top. I baked the batter in a 9" x 13" pan.

After they cooled, I neatly cut the bar cookies into squares. I then used a can of chocolate frosting and spread it on the top. (It took over half of the can.)

Ms. Nancy's Tip: Spreading the frosting after I cut the squares made much neater squares. Also, the Bar Cookies are much easier to handle than actual Brownies.

Last, I used a metal spatula to remove each iced square from the pan and place it on the serving plate. We then placed chocolate M & Ms on each square, creating Chocolate Legos. Everyone loved them, especially the Birthday Boy!!

The Lego desserts look great arranged with Noah's Lego Boy's Storage Head Toy Box.

Heejin made this delicious "Watermelon Salad", Korea's all-time favorite summer "fruity dessert". She used a special Zigzag Carving Tool to cut the watermelon and a Melon Baller Tool to make watermelon balls. Ingredients include ice, watermelon balls, a large can of Fruit Cocktail, and Sprite mixed with juice from the watermelon. 

Tip: Chill all ingredients before preparation!

Heejin and Noah made the creative Spoon & Straw Holder out of Legos. Clear Legos were used to easily view the contents.

Step 4: Build a Lego Pinata!

Heejin found a picture online as inspiration for the Lego Pinata, but she made hers differently. Also, hers was not a "pull pinata". 

She "constructed" the base for the Lego Pinata out of 2 cereal boxes. She cut the back out of one of them; the other box was cut leaving about an inch of the back of the box for overlap. The boxes were then taped together using wide masking tape.

Ms. Nancy's Tip: Do not use scotch tape or wide clear tape because white glue will not stick to these tapes.

Cardboard tubes from toilet paper were cut into 1" sections. Dixie 3 oz  paper Bath Cups were cut to fit and inserted and into sections of the cardboard tubes.

Masking tape was used to connect the tubes to the front of one of the boxes.

Extra cardboard was glued to the top for more stability.

A roll of red Crepe Streamer was wrapped and glued around the boxes. A separate piece was wrapped around each cardboard roll, and a circle glued on the cup bottom.

A Lego logo that she printed was then glued onto each circle.

A thin jute rope was inserted under the top of the boxes and tied.

Finished at last!

Step 5: Order Perfect Weather!

We ordered the perfect weather for the Noah's Pool Party, and it arrived as scheduled!!

Step 6: Plan lots of fun activities!

Where are the kids? Oh, they're eating dessert!

Thanks to Mother Nature,
 the Confederate Jasmine was in
 full bloom on the pool fence.
How many Legos are in the jar? The "Secret Ballot" Cards made guessing more fun! There was a tie for the closest number, and fortunately there were 2 sets of "prize" Legos for the lucky winners - a girl and a boy set. It pays to be prepared!!

Let's break that Lego Pinata!

Noah swings at the Lego Pinata.
It's Noah's sister's turn!
Step 7: Let's Eat!! 

Everyone out of the pool! It's time for Pizza and snacks!

"Happy Birthday to Noah!!"

Blow out the candles!! 

Bring on the Lego Cupcakes, Chocolate Legos, and Ice Cream!!

1, 2, 3, BLOW!!!
Finally, we can eat the delicious Legos!!
Step 8: Time to open those gifts!

Among the many gifts were a Lego Beach Towel, several Lego sets, and money to buy - you guessed it! More Legos!!

Lego Beach Towel
This Lego Shelf is getting crowded!
Noah's collection of Lego Box fronts
Now the party is over! Thanks for coming!  Don't forget your Goody Bag!!  (Contents included a stamp, Bubble Ring, a Block Puzzle that resembled a Lego, and space for all that candy from the Pinata!)  

I hope you enjoyed the "Ultimate Lego Party!" You might also enjoy: 
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