Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Orleans Day Trip: The Aquarium!!

Have you visited New Orleans? There's many exciting sights there. On a recent trip with our son Jacob and family, we toured the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, and we had a Fantastic time. Enjoy the photos and memories!

It's so much fun traveling with my family, especially when my job was to entertain the baby! Abby and I sang and played all the way to New Orleans!


 Forecast: rain! rain! rain! rain! 

Fearless driver & Co-pilot
A stormy drive!

The New Orleans Super Dome 
When we finally arrived (in the rain), there was a long line of people standing in the "Ticket Line". Ashley and I sought shelter with the girls under an overhang while the brave men got in line. Experienced traveler Jacob, however, decided to check out the area, and he discovered there was no line at the inside Ticket Counter. That was a big relief, and we were inside the Aquarium, ready to tour! I hope those people who are still in line outside don't get too wet!

Ready to tour!!

This beautiful fountain
 resembles fish scales!
The First Aquarium that we saw was enormous!

Shark Sighting! Even behind glass - they look ominous! 

Just cruisin' around!

Sea Turtle



Yikes!! Is it Jaws??
(It was like I could hear the music from the movie!) 

There were lots of small aquariums containing specialty fish.

Luminous Jellyfish

Going for a boat ride!

Tuna - Catch of the day!

It's playtime!

It was so exciting watching the penguins at play! This is a very popular exhibit with young and old alike, so there was always a crowd standing around. We also came back again to watch the hungry penguins at feeding time. 

Race for the finish!

And now, for the Rainforest...

The hut, bridges, and foliage really look authentic!

These beautiful plants remind me of Hawaii!

Another albino fish!

Living on the edge...

Piranhas! Keep the fingers out!!!

"Dory, have you seen Nemo?" 

Nemo? Where are you?


There's Nemo!

The Sea Horses put on quite a show! 

                                   Frog on a log!

Eel - is it a Moray? 

Sunbathing time!! 
Albino Alligator with turtle nearby

The Lookout!!

Did you see that?
The Mighty Mississippi 

Bad hair day?

Lion Fish

A shy turtle

Lots of fish!

Let's go to school!

No school today!

Wall Art

Just hanging around!

The tour is over, along with the rain, but the memories will never end!

Ms. Nancy's Notes:
  • This Aquarium is really "Kid-Friendly", so we all had a great time!
  • Parking is expensive in New Orleans, so safe guard your ticket. If you lose it, the fee is about $45!!
  • If you plan to eat at the Aquarium, order before you are hungry! There is food available at the Aquarium, but the variety is limited and, of course, expensive. After we ordered, it took a long time for our order! Fortunately, Ashley had some crackers for the kids while we waited.
  • Remember, there is an inside Ticket Counter! That info is helpful, especially on a rainy day!

Son Jacob, Daughter-in-law Ashley, 
and granddaughters Aleyna & Abby - still happy after the tour!!
It was a great day!

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