Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Upcycle: Sweatshirt + T'Shirt = Layered Look

Do you have shirts that you love, but they are too short? Don't throw them away! Follow my easy directions and photos to quickly upcycle 2 shirts into 1 great layered look!

Before: Soft, fleecy-feel sweatshirt and a polo style shirt - both were too short.

Before - too short!

First, place the polo shirt evenly on a clothes hanger. Next, put the sweatshirt on the hanger - matching shoulder seams, center back, and center front. Pin.

Front View
Back View

Machine stitch the two shirts together by stitching on the ribbing stitching line. If there is a "V", stitch on that line in the front rather that neckline stitching line. ***This step will make it easier to put the shirt on and off when completed.

Stitching on the "V"

Cut off the remainder of the polo shirt, leaving about 5/8".

Trim to 5/8".
Try the shirt on and determine how much of the polo shirt you want to "hang out" at the bottom. My polo shirt was longer in the back than the front. It now extends 2-3/4" below the sweatshirt in the front and 3-1/2" below in the back.

Layer the sweatshirt over the polo shirt and pin, matching centers and side seams. Measure carefully to make sure the polo shirt length that is extending below the sweatshirt is even. Sew on seam line around the shirt. 

On inside, trim polo shirt to 5/8" at the seam sewn to the sweatshirt bottom (see photo above). Serge or zigzag all raw edges. Press. You are finished!

Nancy's Notes:
  • Check for colorfastness before combining 2 shirts.
  • Make sure the polo shirt is stretchy enough to fit over your head before sewing it to the sweatshirt. ***This is very important - I learned this lesson the hard way!!
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  • Now what can I do with the leftover polo shirt fabric???

I love my "new" upcycled, layered-look fashion!!

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