Thursday, January 16, 2014

Let's Build a Geometric Snowman!

Let's build a snowman! Teachers and parents, get the kids excited about geometry and boost creativity by having them build a "Geometric Snowman"! Bonus - this snowman will not melt!

Ms. Nancy's Note: When I was an elementary school teacher, I designed this craft/project to help kids with geometry while having fun. It worked, and the kids loved it! Project can be varied according to the age of the child.


Construction Paper (Assorted colors)
hole punch
lids, containers, pattern blocks, and objects of assorted sizes and shapes
miscellaneous paper scraps: scrapbook, card-stock, wallpaper, etc.


Set out the materials and explain the activity to the class. I allow them to use other objects in the classroom (or home) to draw around, also. Allow "Brainstorming Time" and paper to sketch design on before actual project is done.

Sample Sketch

Following is the worksheet that I designed for this project for my 4th grade class. Feel free to use it, or design your own.

Math Graded Project          Name ______________________#____
Geometric Snowman          Date ____________________________

Project Description:  Create a snowman at least 20 cm tall using 2 or more of each of the following geometric shapes:

circle,  triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, and octagon 

Your snowman must have:
□ 3 snowballs, □ 2 arms, □ 2 hands or gloves/mittens, □ 2 eyes, □ 3 buttons,       □ nose, □ mouth, □ scarf, and □ hat. 

You may use construction paper and other materials in the classroom to create your snowman, and it must be mounted on black or blue construction paper.  Fill in the information requested on the chart below.

Number used
Where used







Actual height of snowman __________ cm          Length of arms __________ cm

Name of snowman _____________________________________

Description ___________________________________________





Nancy's Notes: 

  • Finished snowmen can be presented to the class and displayed in the classroom or hallway. If doing this at home, start a little Art Corner, or display on the refrigerator.
  • Optional: You can build a large classroom snowman using poster-board and/or cardboard, lids, paper plates, boxes, etc. Be creative, and see how many geometric shapes, colors, and textures you can use! Give your snowman a name, and use him/her in your Math Center.
Let's go play in the snow!!

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