Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crystal Icicle Ornament

Would you like to add glimmer and sparkle to a dreary winter day? Make a Crystal Icicle Ornament! These ornaments are super easy and quick to make, and can hang in a window, on a wreath, or on a tree. This is the first ornament in my "12 Months of Ornaments"** collection.

12" Silver Metallic Tinsel Stem
25 mm Starflake Beads (crystal)
18 mm Starflake Beads (crystal) 
11 mm Tri Beads (crystal)
8 mm Faceted Beads (crystal)
6 mm Faceted Beads (crystal)

Fold the 12" tinsel stem in half. Use wire cutters or old scissors to cut the tinsel stem into two equal 6" pieces.

Separate the beads by type into small containers. An ice cube tray or a container with divisions may also be used.

Note: It helps to work on a textured background (like a placemat) to prevent the beads from rolling!

Separated in cups

Bend one end of a 6" piece of chenille stem about 1/4". 

Add a 6 mm bead to the other end, and slide down to the bend. Carefully bend tinsel stem around the side of the bead.

Fold tinsel stem 1/4".
Bend around bead.

Add other beads in the following order:
3 more 6 mm faceted beads (total of 4)
4 - 8 mm faceted beads
4 - 11 mm tri beads
4 - 18 mm starflake beads
4 - 25 mm starflake beads

A bead palette may be used to lay out the beads.
When you have added all of the beads, bend the remaining piece of tinsel stem around your thumb to create a hook. You are finished!

The "built-in" hook makes hanging easy!

Icicle variation

This Icicle Ornament was made by using:
4 - 6 mm faceted beads 
4 or 5 - 8 mm faceted beads
5 - 11 mm tri beads
5 - 18 mm starflake beads

Nancy's Notes:

  • Materials for this project can easily be found at craft stores and online. All of the beads and tinsel stems are available on Amazon in Arts, Crafts, and Sewing.
  • Starflake beads are sometimes called "Sunburst beads", and Tri beads are sometimes called "Propeller beads".

**I find that it's always too busy as Christmas nears to make all the ornaments that I want to make for my home and for gift giving. That's why this year I plan to make at least one different ornament each month. Craft along with me, and you will be glad you did next Christmas!

Glimmer and Sparkle!

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