Thursday, June 27, 2013

Watercolor-Crayon Resist - Kids' Art

Welcome to Ms. Nancy's Art Class!

Today's easy project requires very little materials, and set-up is a "snap"! Watercolor-Crayon Resist is enjoyable for all ages.

watercolor paper
paint brush
9" x 13" pan filled 1/2 way with water
cup of water for cleaning brushes
paper towels
plastic tablecloth to protect table/working surface

First, use crayons to draw a design on the watercolor paper.  

Trace over the design with crayons to make it very dark and bold.  You do not need to fill in the design.

Next, use a paint brush to put 1 drop of water on each color of the dry watercolors to activate the color.  

Then, carefully dip the colored watercolor paper in the pan of water with the colored design down.

Finally, dip the brush in the cup of clear water, touch it on the desired watercolor, and brush it across the page, covering the colored design.  Since the paper is wet, only a small amount of paint is needed to complete the design.  If the paper becomes too dry, you may add drops of water, or use a spray bottle to re-moisten it.

Crayon "resists" the watercolors.

Continue this step until the entire page is covered with color.  If too much water remains, it may be "blotted" with paper towels.

Put the completed design(s) on a rack to dry.

Use a clean paper towel to "clean up" and dry the watercolors.  Make sure watercolors are completely dry before storing.

Nancy's Notes:  
I used small wire baker's racks for drying the designs.
If white is used on white paper, it is "invisible" until the paint brushes over it!!

Gracie loves her invisible cat beside of her tree!

Mia created an abstract design.

Noah's creatures are in the grassland.