Friday, June 7, 2013

Turn Cleaning Day into - RUG HOPSCOTCH!!

It's the dreaded CLEANING DAY!!  Your spouse in on the computer, the kids are on the couch watching TV or Video Games while complaining that the vacuum cleaner is too loud, and you are sweating, doing this horrible job alone again!  Sound familiar??  Then break the habit and try -----


Rug hopscotch is easy to set up, but it does require bravery on your part to do the first steps:  
  • Unplug the computer
  • Turn off the TV
  • Have the kids help you gather the throw rugs.  

Have the kids lay the rugs on the floor in your living room (or room with the most floor space).  The ends of the rugs need to touch, but they can be placed vertically or horizontally.  

Our rule is that the same colored rugs cannot be adjacent, just to make Rug Hopscotch more interesting.  

Next take turns hopping!!  You can use a beanbag, rolled-up sock, etc., as a marker to throw if you want to do the traditional Hopscotch that we played as kids.  Another option is to use a stop watch and time how fast each kid (or adult) can hop around the rugs.  Use your imagination!!

The main thing is - have fun while moving.  When finished, have the kids (and spouse) help you with vacuuming the rugs, and then stack them on the back of a chair while you clean the floor!  

Nancy's Notes:  
I always like to listen to favorite, upbeat music while cleaning like the Pointer Sisters - "I'm So Excited"!! 

Have a "family meeting" before the dreaded day and let everyone choose a cleaning job to perform! 

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