Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tissue Paper Collage

Welcome to Ms. Nancy's Art Class!  Tissue paper collage is an easy kid's project that can be done with materials you have around the house. The glue dries shiny, giving the tissue paper the look of stained glass! 

   Tissue Paper in a variety of colors
   White school glue
   Artist paint brush
   Pencil or dark crayon
   Stiff cardboard (I used 1/2 of a file folder)
   Hole punch and yarn or ribbon (for hanging)

First, place the template on the folder and draw around the shape.   

You may use a template or an original shape for your design.                                             **Adult may need to hold the template down while the child draws around the shape.

Easy Templates That I Drew                     
Trace over the line several times to make it wider and dark. 

Pour some glue on a foam plate.  Add water, a few drops at a time, and stir with the paint brush until the mixture is of easy brushing consistency. 

Tear tissue paper into small pieces.  Brush some glue inside the drawn shape.  Lay a piece of torn tissue paper on top of the glue, and brush additional glue over the tissue paper.  

Brush more glue beside of the glued tissue paper, and add another piece of tissue paper, overlapping edges. Brush additional glue over the tissue paper, making sure all edges are glued down securely. 

Continue until the entire shape is filled in with tissue paper.  Features, such as eyes, may be added by layering a contrasting piece of torn tissue on top of the shape using the above step. 

Background may be left plain or colored using colored pencils or crayons.

To hang the completed Tissue Paper Collage, punch holes in the top corners of the cardboard.  Tie with yarn or ribbon.

Nancy's Notes:  This project is a little messy, so be sure and cover your table or working area.  Wash brushes with water as soon as you finish your project.

Kids love this project!

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