Friday, June 21, 2013

Indoor Tree House

"A Tree House??  Out of that piece of junk??  You've got to be kidding!!"

I will be the first to admit - I sometimes have wild ideas, but I really thought this one would work.  Each week as I taught my Sunday School class, I looked at the old "catch-all" wooden desk that had been in the classroom longer than I had been there. This ancient desk was really showing its age: the wood was somewhat splintered around the edges, and the top was water-spotted and damaged by crayons, markers, and glue, etc.  

Some had suggested that we "junk it" and throw this desk away, but I thought it had potential. It was very sturdy and well-made, and to me it looked like the perfect height for a tree house!  I shared my idea with some other adults and our pastor, and their approval was unanimous!!

First, my husband used sturdy "L" brackets to bolt the desk to the cinder-block wall in its new location - in the corner in front of a beautiful existing mural of the town where we live.  The drawer-front of the desk was turned against the wall.

Next, I hung the tree from the ceiling using clear fishing line.  The tree is made from brown Kraft Paper which has been wadded, wrinkled, and twisted to look like a tree trunk and branches.  The tree trunk was glued to poster board which was trimmed to shape.  Silk leaves and Spanish moss were added to offer more realism.

Finally, a local carpenter built the tree house on the desk using scrap lumber. rehung the tree branches that had to be moved for construction. The tree house is complete with a ladder, railing, and a tin roof.  Scrap carpet was added for comfort and protection from splinters. 

He rehung the tree branches that had to be moved for construction. Mr. Owl perches very importantly on the roof top.

Mr. Owl

Underneath the tree house is adequate space for kids to sit cozily on a carpet square and enjoy a book from the classroom library.  The carpet squares were generously donated by a local carpet store.

Carpet squares are available
 for use under the tree house.

This learning center is really popular with our Sunday School kids. Even the older kids stop by occasionally to "try it out"! The kids absolutely love this tree house!!

The tree house is a great place to read and listen to Bible stories!

We love our tree house!

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