Wednesday, June 19, 2013

. . . still in vacation bible school . . .

I just finished another super-great, faith and fun-filled week of Vacation Bible School!!  How did my Vacation Bible School "career" begin??  Read on-----

My first bible school teaching experience was in a very small, one-room church (which was actually housed in a former store) when I was in the tenth grade.  A teacher at my high school asked me to teach 2nd and 3rd graders and I agreed.  She then very generously offered to pay my way to summer church camp!  Instructing those children was a great experience for me in various ways; I loved teaching the bible stories, songs, and crafts.

To me, teaching VBS is like a "mini-revival" for kids.  It is so rewarding to interact with the kids, share their enjoyment of stories, and observe how much kids and adults learn about the Bible in such a short time.

Over the years at VBS, I have been involved in many ways.  I have been craft coordinator, classroom teacher, storyteller for rotating groups, and combination storyteller/song leader for the entire congregation.  While in West Virginia, I was even storyteller at VBS at two other churches besides our own.

What is my favorite "job" at VBS?  Why, Storyteller, of course!!  As Storyteller, I have worn biblical costumes and have done monologues as well as dialogues, games, etc.  For the past two years, however, I have used printed felt figures and air-brushed backgrounds which are very similar to flannel boards.  I used this type of instruction in WV several years ago, and now I have my own set.  The set contains over 600 figures printed on large bolts of felt.  Last summer during my illness, I carefully cut out those figures as I concentrated on getting well and eventually teaching the stories.  It was great therapy!!  After the figures were cut, I grouped them by category and numbers. 

The figures were then placed on velour sheets in the appropriate file boxes which greatly helps to organize and locate the needed figures and shapes for each story.  

This year at VBS, in additon to the Storytelling for 5 different age groups, bible verse using sign language, prayer, puppetry, and other motivators, we added a new aspect.  For the first time, two of the stories were recorded and put on YouTube.  It is so exciting that family and friends who may live far away can still enjoy the bible stories.

Yes, I am ---

.....still in vacation bible school.......

......and loving it!!!

Sophia, Bonkers, and I had a great time at VBS!



  1. where did you buy your flannel graph? I am in need of the story of Joseph in the Old Testament in flannel graph. I am teach 100 kids in Kenya this summer and from your pictures, the flannel graph characters looked liked they could be easily seen. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Florence

    1. I have the Betty Lukens large Deluxe Set with figures about 12" tall and backgrounds are 32"x 48". My set was bought at a Family Christian Store, and I have also seen the set at Mardel's. Here is the link to the Betty Lukens site: Good Luck

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  2. My set is the Betty Lukens Large Deluxe Bible Set, and it was purchased at Family Christian Store. The figures are 12", and the boards are 32" x 48". I have also seen this set at Mardel's. Here's the link to the Betty Lukens site: Good luck with your teaching in Kenya!