Friday, May 13, 2016

Pokemon Party Bags and Cupcake Picks

No birthday party is complete without party bags and cupcake picks, but those specialty items can be very costly, right? Wrong! Especially, if you make them yourself!

Pokemon Party Bags

Measure the length and width of a white paper lunch bag, and cut a rectangle template the width of the bag and 1/2 the length. Use the template to cut red construction paper rectangles. Glue the red rectangles to the top half of the bags.

Mia loves to help glue the rectangles!

Cut 1-1/2 inch circles from white card stock or construction paper. 

Tip: I used a circle cutter for this.

Cut 3/4 inch strips from black construction paper. 

Tip: I used a paper cutter to cut these strips quickly and evenly.

Cut a circle from black construction paper that is about 1-3/4 inches to 2 inches in diameter. 

Tip: I found a cardboard circle to use for a template, or you could use a small lid, etc.

Glue a black strip on the bottom of the red rectangle. Trim the excess.

Glue the black circle in the center of the black strip.

Glue the white circle on top of the black circle, and you are finished!

Pokemon Party Bags!

Pokemon Cupcake Picks

Cut 1-1/2 inch circles from red and white construction paper or card stock. A circle cutter makes this go fast!

Use a 2-1/2 inch scalloped circle cutter to cut circles from black card stock.

Cut the red circles and white circles in half. Glue one of each to a black scalloped circle, spacing slightly apart.

Use a black sharpie to draw a circle in the center of the red and black half-circles.

Use a hole punch to punch white circles. Glue to the center of the black circles.

Hot glue tiny 3" plastic forks to the backs of the the black circles. 

Tips: Check to make sure you have the circles turned the right way before gluing. 
I found the tiny forks at Dollar Tree, package of 75 for $1.00.

The Cupcake Picks are done!

Here are the Pokemon Party Bags and
Cupcake Picks at the Pokemon Party!

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  2. Thanks so much, Sara! My goal is to make my directions easy to understand so others can enjoy creating as much as I do. Thanks for viewing my blog.

  3. Awesome job I work with Charles and I love love crafts and blog too. He told me how crafty you were so I checked it out. Love the variety! Great tutorial as well.

    1. Thanks, Monica! I appreciate your comments. I love to share my love of crafting with others! Happy Crafting!