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Captain America Shield Decoration DIY

Grandson Lucas loves his Captain America Shield, and that's why we chose it as the inspiration for a "Super-easy", low-cost decoration for his Superhero Party. Follow my easy DIY with photos to create your own! Included: directions for folding and cutting a circle and a 5-point star.

The Captain America Shield - what's so important about it?  It's a symbol of justice. It can accomplish amazing feats: block attacks, cause a massive shock-wave, bring Steve back, and offer protection from receiving injuries, just to name a few. 

Grandson Lucas and his Captain America Shield are almost inseparable - he even sleeps with it! 

Lucas's Captain America Shield

Here's how I made a large, 22" diameter, shield from poster board.

First, create a template to make the circles. Fold a piece of Brown Kraft Roll paper diagonally until the edges meet, creating a folded right triangle. (Unfolded, it would now be a square.) Cut along the side edge of the triangle.

Note: This Brown Kraft Roll paper was 30 inches wide.

Pinch to mark the center of the folded. With open edges matching, fold to the center...

...with open edges together, fold again to the center...

...with open edges together, fold again to the center... Fold to the center 1 more time, creating a cone.

Note: I measured the width of the poster board (22 inches), and divided it by 2 (11 inches) to get my measurement for cutting the cone into a circle.

Use a ruler or rule to mark the cone 11" from the pointed end.

Tie a piece of ribbon to a pen. Hold the end of the ribbon on the pointed end, with the pen on the dot 11" from the end. Hold the end of the ribbon tightly as you draw an arc that is 11" from the pointed end.

Carefully cut the top layer of the paper, mark and cut the remaining layers.

Unfold, and you have made a circle!

Refold the circle, and draw 3 additional "arcs", 2 inches apart (at 9", 7", and 5" from the pointed end).

Carefully cut the circles apart. 

Place the largest circle (22") on a piece of red poster board. Draw around the outside of the circle only, creating a solid circle that is 22" in diameter. Cut it out, and set aside.

Party drinks - great weights!

Place the next circle (18") on the white poster board. Draw around the outside and inside of the circle, creating a circle ring that is 18" in diameter. Cut out, and set aside.

Note: You will not be using the 14" circle for this project.

Place the smallest circle (10") on a sheet of blue poster board. Draw around the circle, cut out, and set aside.

Making a 5-Pointed Star

This may seem a little tricky, but with practice, you will be cutting stars in no time!

Fold the 10" circle in half, and crease on the fold line.

Fold slightly to determine the center of the folded line. Pinch or mark with a pen.

Now, you need to fold 1 side in 2/3 of the way across, and fold the other part 1/3 back. When the 2/3 side is folded together, it should be the same size as the 1/3 side. You may need to move the paper slightly a few times until everything is even.

Sharply crease the edges when it is even.

Make a diagonal cut about 2" up from the center on one side to the end on the other side.

Note: Using a ruler to draw this line makes this cut more accurate.

Unfold, and you have created a 5-point star!!

Trace the star onto white poster board, and cut out.

It's time to glue! Get the white glue ready!

Glue the 18" white circle onto the 22" red circle, 2" from the edges.
Glue the 10" blue circle in the center of the red circle.
Glue the white star on top of the blue circle.

Party drinks make good weights while the glue dries!

When the glue dries, remove the "drink weights", and you are done!

I am really pleased with how the Captain America Shield turned out. It worked well with the Happy Birthday sign that Natalie bought.

I used a cracker box as a template for rectangles and hand-cut the letters of Lucas's name from poster board to complete the wall-art.

Ms. Nancy's Additional Notes:
  • You can modify the directions above to make any size shield, circle, and/or star.
  • For larger circles and stars, you may use bulletin board paper. Another bonus, bulletin board paper is much easier to cut than the Brown Kraft Roll paper.

Let the Avengers Assemble!
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