Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ham Roll-ups

Ham Roll-ups are perfect for parties and get-togethers! They are quick and easy to make, delicious, and so cute! Try them for your next gathering, and get ready for the applause!


Packaged Sliced Ham, rectangular, 8 slices
8 oz. Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Regular or 1/3 Less Fat (softened to room temperature)
Green onions, washed


Place 8 slices of sliced ham flat on a sheet of aluminum foil or waxed paper.

Cut the softened Philadelphia Cream Cheese into 8 cubes, and place 1 cube on top of each slice of ham.

Spread the cream cheese evenly over the sliced ham.

Cut the ends off the green onions. Remove any wilted or damaged parts, and wash well. Slice the green onions crosswise; cut into lengths that equal the length of the ham slices. Place 2 lengths of sliced green onion on top of the cream cheese, lengthwise, on one end of each slice or ham. 

Tip: Make sure you have some green onion and white onion on each slice of ham.

Starting at the end that has the green onion on it, tightly roll the ham around the onion. Continue rolling to the edge of the ham. 

When the ham is completely rolled, place on a plate with "seam" side down. Cover and refrigerate several hours, or overnight, until the cream cheese is firm.

When cream cheese is firm, use a sharp knife to cut each roll into crosswise slices which are about 1/3" thick. Place slices on a decorative plate to serve. Refrigerate leftovers.

Ham Roll-ups, a family favorite!


  1. I make this, too, but I add a little garlic powder and I chop the green onions. Always a hit :-)

    1. Thanks for sharing your variation, Dolly! I'm sure my family with want to try it!