Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Superhero Party for Lucas!!

Mission:  A Super Hero Birthday Party for Grandson Lucas! Lucas is such a Superhero Fan, just like his Dad! Of course, it was destiny for Lucas to have a Superhero Party! Let the Avengers Assemble!

Lucas may look like just an ordinary, mild-mannered kid, 

but when he puts on his costume, he becomes....


...or another Superhero! (He loves wearing his many Superhero costumes, shirts, and pajamas!)

Superhero Party, Phase 1: School Celebration

Lucas shared cupcakes with his Pre-K class. Doesn't he look cute in his birthday hat?


Superhero Party, Phase 2: Party at JW Tumbles

And now for the party preparations. 

Pillsbury Purely Simple White Cake Mix was used for the cupcakes. I added Vanilla to the mix, and everyone said they were delicious! Using an ice cream scoop to put the dough in the cupcake liners made the task a little less messy!

The recipe for the "light and fluffy" frosting for the cupcakes was the requested favorite, Whipped Vanilla ButtercreamI used a disposable pastry bag and an M1 Wilton tip to create swirls on the cupcakes. Natalie helped decorate the cupcakes, and Lucas had fun adding the sprinkles! 

Since Lucas was having 2 parties, we made a lot of cupcakes!

The kids loved the Super Hero "Goody Cups",


Juice Boxes and water, 

and PIZZA!!

JW Tumbles has lots of activities for energetic "Super Kids"! There is a variety of equipment that allows kids to run, jump, and crawl through!

Superhero Party, Phase 3: Party for Family and Friends (at the Hall of Justice)

"Super Decorations" by Natalie and Company

by Mamaw (Ms. Nancy)

Super Food

Make a wish and blow out the candles with "Super Breath"!

Super gifts!

The Family "Justice League"

Papaw, Lucas, Daddy, and Landon -
What a Team!!

Mamaw and Papaw with 2 Superboys!

Mission Accomplished!

It was a "Super" Party! 

Thanks for coming!

...on to the next Mission!!...
...will there be a sequel?...
...stay tuned...

For step-by-step directions for the Captain America Shield Decoration, go to

To ensure privacy, I do not show photos of children or adults on my Blog without permission. Therefore, pictures and/or names of party guests are usually omitted from my blog posts.

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