Friday, October 10, 2014

Quick & Easy Halloween Crafts, Part 2

Are you looking for some quick and easy Halloween Crafts? Quick & Easy Halloween Crafts, Part 2, features more simple, cute, low-cost paper crafts that are perfect for last-minute kids' projects. Included are Gil the Ghost, Pumpkin Pete, and the Witch Sisters.

Gil the Ghost

1 sheet black construction paper
1/4 sheet brown construction paper
1 white paper napkin
scrap white construction paper
Black Sharpie Marker

First, using a small lid as a template, trace around it on white paper. Cut it out and set aside.

Cut slits about 2 inches in the cut edges of a white paper napkin.

Unfold the paper napkin. Pinch the center, letting the edges "fluff out".

Fold the brown construction crosswise making "accordion style' pleats.

While still folded, cut a rectangle shape in the middle and a square shape in each end of the brown construction paper, cutting through all layers.

Carefully unfold the accordion shape which should now resemble a fence. Place the fence at an angle at the bottom of the black construction paper. Use white glue to adhere the alternate folds of the fence to the black paper, keeping the brown paper slightly folded to make it appear 3-D.

Glue the center of the napkin to the upper left of the black construction paper. Draw a ghost face on the circle using a black Sharpie marker, and glue in place. Use the lid to cut a crescent shape from the white paper. Cut and glue to the right corner of the black paper.

Crescent Moon
Gil the Ghost

Design A Tablecloth with Pumpkin Pete!

This craft is super-simple, and kids of all ages love it! Simply cover a table with a white or light colored paper tablecloth, pass out crayons, colored pencils, and/or washable markers, and let the fun begin! You may also use stencils and/or templates.

Tip: The "dull side" of freezer wrap works great, also!

The Witch Sisters in a Row!!

Construction paper in black and contrasting color

Fold the black construction paper lengthwise (hot-dog fold).

Unfold and cut paper along the fold.

Accordion fold the black paper crosswise, creating 5 pleats.

Cut a half witch through all thicknesses (See photo below).

Unfold, and glue to a 1/2 sheet of contrasting construction paper.

Tip: Additional sets of witches may be connected to create borders.

Witch Sister Quintet

Ready, set, craft!!

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