Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jessie "Toy Story" Costume

Granddaughter Mia had decided to be "Jasmine" this year for Halloween - until she saw the "Woody Costume" that I made for grandson Lucas's Toy Story Birthday Party. That changed everything! From that time on, she was in cowgirl "Jessie" mode. As Jessie would say, "I should have seen this coming!"

Lucas's "Woody" Costume

Grandson Lucas

The Vest

Although Jessie does not wear a vest in Toy Story, Mia wanted a vest for her costume. I had plenty of Cow-Print fabric left from Lucas's vest to make Mia's.

For a pattern, I cut a pattern from paper 2" longer and 5/8" wider that the pattern that I used for Lucas. For instructions on how I made Lucas's pattern, go to:

Vest back
Vest front

I prewashed and dried the Cow-Print folded fleece. I then pinned the pattern on the folded fabric with the vest back on the fold and cut along the edge of the pattern pieces.

With right sides together, I pinned the shoulder seams together and then pinned the side seams together. These seams were the only sewing involved, so this was fast! 

After sewing and reinforcing, the seams automatically opened and flattened, so no pressing was involved.
I had some small pieces of fringe left from another project, and Mia said she would love to have it on her vest. I measured, pinned both sides in place, and stitched the fringe on with a straight stitch.

The next step was to serge around the armholes and around the edges of the vest. If you don't have a serger, you could zigzag stitch or just leave the edges plain since fleece does not ravel.

Last, I applied Fray Check to the cut threads to make them more secure.

The vest is complete!!
The Badge

This package of 6 assorted badges was $1.00 at Dollar Tree.

Next, I removed the plastic clip-on from the back. This step required getting out my tool box and using pliers to remove the clip-on edges completely.

The gold paint was flaking off the badge simply from handling it, so I decided to paint it with spray paint. First I clear-coated it, next was 2 coats of gold, and last was another clear coat. I used cardboard underneath while painting to protect the surface.

Then I drew the shape of the badge on an index card. I used this pattern to cut out a piece of pink felt for the backing. 

I glued and hand-stitched 2 pin-backs to the felt star. I then glued the felt to the back of the badge using E6000 Glue.

The Bandana

The pink bandana was purchased at Hobby Lobby for $0.99.

The Hat

The White Felt Cowgirl Cowboy Hat With Pink Star was purchased online at Amazon for $5.89. It is very sturdy and adds some "bling" with pink sequins used as trim!

The Boots

Mia's pink boots, complete with rhinestones and "sparkly" hearts add more "bling"!


Mia is wearing jeans and a pink plaid shirt with hearts to complete her costume. The stick horse was her Daddy's when he was a child.

Mia poses as Jessie.
Yes, I should have seen this coming!

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