Friday, October 17, 2014

"Have a Heart" Beads and Lace Ornament

Show your love with with "Have a Heart" Beads and Lace Ornaments"! These quick and easy ornaments may easily be personalized for your favorite sports team or holiday. They are great for year-round decorating, for hanging on your Christmas tree, as package ties, and also add a personal flair to gift cards and/or homemade edible gifts! Make some today!

12 inch Chenille Stems (often called pipe cleaners)
Pony Beads
Beading Lace
1/8" to 1/4" Ribbon
Narrow Cord
Tacky Glue
Buttons, footballs, etc.

Note: For each ornament, it takes one 12-inch chenille stem, 22 Pony Beads (Color A), 21 Pony Beads (Color B), and about 48 inches of Beading Lace.


Fold 1 end of 12" chenille stem 1/4", creating a 90 degree angle. Insert other end of chenille stem through 2 small holes of beading lace, folding lace as you insert the chenille stem.

Add 1 Pony Bead (Color A), and insert chenille stem through the next 2 small holes of beading lace.

Add 1 Pony Bead (Color B), and insert chenille stem through next 2 small holes of beading lace.

Add 1 Pony Bead (Color A), and insert chenille stem through next 2 small holes of beading lace.

Repeat above steps until you have used 22 beads (Color A) and 21 Pony Beads (Color B), ending with a Color A bead. 

Twist the ends together securely, and add Tacky Glue to the twisted stem ends and lace.

Find the center bead and bend the chenille stem into a heart shape. 

And now for the fun part! For a team ornament, insert a piece of coated wire into a football, etc., and twist.

Follow directions on paint can to apply 2-3 thin coats of metallic gold spray paint (or the paint of your choice). When the paint is dry, clear coat with clear spray paint. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Cut a 15" piece of thin metallic gold cord and insert it through the top of the middle bead.

Tie a square knot close to the bead, and tie an overhand knot through both cords near the end. Trim the cord and apply Fray Check to the ends. Apply Tacky Glue to the knot.

Cut 2 pieces of 15" narrow ribbon, insert through the football, and tie in a bow. Cut the ends of the ribbon in a slant, and apply Fray Check to the ends. Apply Tacky Glue to the center of the knot. Glue the bow to the ornament using Tacky Glue and hot glue.

Tip: Hot glue glues fast and strong, but Tacky Glue glues long!!

For this variation, three pieces of ribbon were tied in a bow, and a gold button was glued over the knot. This ornament is appropriate for patriotic holidays and for hanging on an Americana Tree.

Nancy's Additional Notes and Tips:
  • 2 tri-beads may be substituted for each pony bead.
  • Beading lace, chenille stems, tri-beads, and pony beads are available online. Most of these supplies are also available at your local craft stores.
  • Other colors of tri-beads and ribbon can be substituted.
  • This is a great "kids' activity" since it teaches patterns and measurement, and kids love to create these ornaments. Very young children will need help with the lace, or the lace could be omitted.
  • These ornaments are great for gift-giving, as package ties, with homemade "goodies", and as an added touch with a gift-card.

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Have a Heart!!

Go Team!!

God Bless The USA!!

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  1. If you are having trouble finding lace for these ornaments, just Google "beading craft lace". I just found some on Ebay!