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Sherman High School Class Reunion

Class Reunions - what a great time to reminiscence with old friends, renew acquaintances, greet new friends, and make new memories. I recently attended my Sherman High School Class of 1969 - 45 Year Class Reunion in Seth, West Virginia, and I had a great time. Enjoy the photos and memories!


Planning a Class Reunion takes a lot of people and time. I used to be part of the "Planning Committee" for the Class Reunion until I moved far away, and I really miss it. Our "Planning Committee" enjoyed meeting so much that they have continued to meet socially about every 3 months since our last reunion 5 years ago. Again, they did a great job planning this year's Class Reunion. We have a great, dedicated team!

Planing Committee Social

What a great team!

Prior to this reunion, I thought maybe I could help a little from afar. With the Committee's blessing, I set up a Sherman High School Class of 1969 Facebook Page. This was my first time setting up a Facebook page, and I will admit it was much easier than I thought it would be. Classmate Jan Lengyel and I added names of former students who were in our class.

"Selfie" of Jan and me

I then added photos to the Facebook Page:

Sherman High School before renovations

Class Reunion photos

10 Year Class Reunion

25 Year Class Reunion

40 Year Class Reunion

I also added snapshots of the 40 Year Class Reunion.

I was surprised at how much attention the page drew as we searched for and shared information from the Planning Committee. To the Facebook Page, I added the Class Reunion Letter that I had received and registration forms that could easily be downloaded, if needed. 

Often, we have goals to meet before a reunion. Some plan to lose weight, and/or get in shape. Losing weight wasn't my goal, since I had experienced a weight loss due to a recent illness. My goal was to be well enough to attend, and I did not want to look sick. Fortunately, it was said that I accomplished both!

Friday Night was an informal meeting of graduates only. Fortunately, "Picture Name Tags" were passed out as we registered, but it was easy for me to identify most of my former classmates. I will admit, I had brought my high school yearbook and photo from the previous reunion on the trip, and I had a "study session" on the way! We were given a Reunion Booklet which contained classmates names, addresses and update information.

First, it was time to "meet and greet" our classmates!! 




Next, we watched a slide show of classmates and family photos. Several sang along to the familiar music! We also honored the 20 graduates who have passed away since graduation. 

Time to eat!! 

The snacks, prepared by caterer Ms. Kendalyn Mann, looked very appetizing, and everyone said they were delicious! (Since I am on a special very restricted diet, I had to "eat with my eyes!") As usual, I did bring along a snack, "just in case"!

Then came the "Circle Time" of sharing updates amid lots of smiles, laughter, tears, and hugs.


Next was picture time for individual Grade School and Jr. High School Group photos.
Ashford Grade School

Prenter Grade School

Racine Grade School
Nellis Grade School

Comfort Grade School

Seth Grade School

Whitesville Jr. High School
Peytona Grade School

Saturday Night was the dinner, and everyone could bring a guest. Again, we wore picture name tags. As introductions of classmates and guests was done, I introduced my chauffeur, my best friend, and husband of almost 41 years! 

My "chauffeur" and me!
It was like stepping back in time, and the years seemed to slip away as we shared and laughed about our high school experiences.

Again, the delicious dinner was catered by Ms. Kendalyn Mann. Marylea Toney Seacrist assisted her with the serving.

It's Dinner Time!!!

Caterer Kendalyn Mann

Since I am on a restricted diet, the caterer prepared my food specially, and she did an excellent job! Another plus, I didn't have to stand in that long food line! Again, we watched the slide show of classmates and family photos as we enjoyed the meal. 

Save room for yummy fruits and desserts!

Then, Special Recognitions were made: 
  • Veterans: Richard Stringer, Berthel Pauley, and Eddie Zornes 

  • Most Grandchildren - Sharon Pettry-Toney

  • Traveled the longest distance to attend - Eddie Zornes
  • Traveled to the most countries outside of the USA - Berthel Pauley

Next, we sang our school song, "T-I-D-E, Tide!!" We didn't really need the words (which are painted on the wall of the school gymnasium). We really sang enthusiastically and clapped loudly! It was (almost) like being back in high school cheering the Sherman High team on!

School song - immortalized on the gym wall

We've still got it!
T-I-D-E,  T-I-D-E,  TIDE!

Door Prizes!!!

It's time for Door Prizes!! I always love this part! It's always so much fun to win! When my name was called, it was difficult to choose from the many great prizes. Finally, I chose a West Virginia beach towel! My friend Jan gave me part of her door prize, a teddy bear in a "Tide" cheering costume for the grand-kids to play with! When my name was called again, I chose a small bear in a "Tide" t-shirt for the grand-baby-on-the-way!

Let's dance!!

D.J. and catering assistant
Mingle and Goodbyes...

Finally, we had extra time to "mingle". It was great to have more time to talk to classmates as well as spouses and friends. 










Our class also joined in Sherman High School's project by generously donating to the school's new Trophy Case Fund. 

Finally, it was time to say, "Goodbye". All in all, our Class Reunion was a great experience - a special time to renew old acquaintances, strengthen friendships, and plan for future meetings.

Photos are being posted on our Sherman High School Class of 1969 Facebook page, and it is hoped that we will continue to "stay connected" as we look forward to our next Class Reunion for the: 

Sherman High School 
Class of 1969!!

Sherman High School Class of 1969
45 Year Class Reunion

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  1. Sue's sister here, you all look great and I know my sister had a blast both nights. I wanted to thank you all for letting me have lunch with you at Bob Evens and letting me hang around and help make the signs for the school. You are all very nice and it was great meeting you.