Friday, August 29, 2014

Pulling the Weeds!

I've been pulling weeds in my flower garden AGAIN!! I am reminded of a song that Brushton United Methodist Youth Group used to sing, "Pulling the Weeds"!

Living in the South has the added benefit of a long growing season. With our mild winters, we have flowers in bloom most, if not all, of the year. Of course, that means weeds have a longer growing season, too! The weeds here seem so tough, too, but I guess they have to be! Trying to grow flowers in "Black Jack" soil is very difficult, but the weeds thrive no matter what I do to try to prevent their growth! In addition, they are so difficult to pull out of the ground! While I do enjoy the longer growing season and milder winters in the South, I do miss that West Virginia soil!

"Pulled Weeds"
And more "Pulled Weeds"

At Brushton United Methodist Church, our small "country" Methodist church in West Virginia, I worked with the youth for many years. It worked great for us to have a Youth Meeting on Wednesday Nights while the adults had Prayer Meeting. The meetings were well attended: we often had more kids at the Youth Meetings that adults at the Prayer Meetings! Our meetings consisted of a bible lesson, scripture, prayer, games, a snack, and of course, singing! We didn't really have an age limit for being in the Youth Group. Basically, if you were old enough to sing, you could join! We had a very active "BUM" Youth Group at that time, and the the kids were known for their beautiful singing. We sometimes took the group "on the road" to sing at other churches.

One of the songs they sang was "Pulling the Weeds". The song went like this: 

Pulling the weeds, Lord. Pulling the weeds!
I'm living for your glory, pulling the weeds!
Pulling the weeds, Lord. Pulling the weeds!
I'm living for your glory, pulling the weeds!

The other verses followed the same format:

Washing the dishes, Lord...

Folding the clothes, Lord...

Singing a song, Lord...

Going to school, Lord...

Everyone loved for the kids to sing at our very supportive church. On Sunday mornings before Sunday School classes, the kids could read a bible verse or sing a song as a "Special", and we always had a group ready! They also sang as a group during the Worship Services.

Edith Kinder was one of the great prayer warriors at Brushton United Methodist Church who has long since gone on to Heaven. At a church service she once said that she listened to "Pulling the Weeds" as the kids sang and wondered just why the kids were singing it. She was confused about the exact meaning of the song. Then one day as she was working in her garden, she started praising God, and she understood! She was "living for His glory" as she was "pulling the weeds"!! 

As I am working in my yard, I can think of some more verses that could be added to "Pulling the Weeds":

Cutting the fronds:

Trimming the bushes:

But let's not stop there! How about:

Cooking the dinner...
Diapering the baby...
Washing the windows...
Washing the car...
Helping with homework...
Doing my job, etc., etc....

The list can go on and on...

I am confident that you could add a few verses of your own to this list!

Whatever we do, wherever we go, we can live for His glory and praise the Lord! So while I'm pulling the weeds, I need to be thankful for this longer grower season which allows more time for praising God, "living for His glory", and "Singing a Song" as I am "Pulling the Weeds"!!

Psalms 86:12
I will give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with all my heart, And will glorify Your name forever.

One of my flower gardens after, "Pulling the Weeds"!!


  1. My grandma used to have my sis and i and our cousins singing this song in church loved it we were called the mustard seeds i wish i could find this song somewhere us kids used to play the tape to learn the song if anyone has any clue where to find this tape or gospel song please let me know

    1. Great news! I finally found the song on The 4th Sunday Sing-a-long The Maranatha! Kids Sing. The actual song title is, "The Seed Song". It is available on audio-cassette on Amazon. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!