Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mamaw 911 - "Triple Spring" Tour

Spring is my absolute favorite time of year! One year, unbelievably, I experienced Spring not once, not twice, but 3 times! How did this happen? It was during a babysitting adventure in 3 states that my family calls my "Mamaw 911" Tour!

I love my grandchildren, so when I am asked me to babysit, I try my best to oblige.

Last year, I was asked to watch 2-year-old grandson Alex while his parents, brother, and sister went on a ski trip. I had also agreed to watch my youngest granddaughter Aleyna in Texas during the birth of her new baby sister and her family's subsequent hospital stay. The events were to be a couple of weeks apart, so I agreed to both requests. After my son Jacob returned to school, I would also be going back to Texas to help with Aleyna, Daughter-in-law Ashley, and Baby Abby for an additional week!

The date for Abby's birth was moved up, however, which meant that I would be watching 2 year-old Alex and "almost" 2 year-old Aleyna at the same time!

The third call was from son Joshua. He excitably told me that he had won an all-expense paid trip to Europe! He had not even told his wife yet because he needed to know if I could fly up to Washington, D.C., for 2 weeks and watch 18-month old grandson Lucas. Of course, I agreed!

I started mentally planning and preparing for this "Mamaw 911" adventure! 

Spring is not quite as spectacular in the South as it is in the North, but nevertheless it is always beautiful. The Azaleas started blooming at our house at the end of February and early March, and it was quite an awesome sight! I busily cut brush and readied my flowerbeds for planting. It felt great to dig in the dirt and plant flowers again.

Next, it was on the road with Alex headed for Texas for the babysitting adventure. Aleyna was excited to see us!

Baby Abby arrived as planned. Of course, she was absolutely perfect and beautiful!

Babysitting 2 toddlers was quite an experience! Mealtime was especially fun! It was like Alex and Aleyna were having eating contests! From the high chairs, I would hear chants of, "More egg!," from Alex and then, "More egg!", from Aleyna, even if she had food on her plate. This chanting continued along with jabbering and baby-talk that only they seemed to understand!

Alex and Aleyna love ice cream just like Mamaw, so of course, we went to the largest Dairy Queen in the world in White Oak, Texas!

We attended an awesome Easter Egg Hunt and Luncheon sponsored by Jacob's church. 

Alex and Aleyna had a great time playing together. They found lots of eggs with surprises inside.

When Mommy, Daddy, and baby Abby came home from the hospital, it was back home for a few days with Alex. We read stories and played. I finished planting flowers and mulched. Alex loved to help me water the flowers. When the family returned and Alex went home, the house seemed too quiet!

That solitude was short-lived, however. After about a week when my son "Daddy" Jacob returned to work, I again traveled to Texas to help with Aleyna. newborn Abby, and "Mom" Ashley.

In those few short days that I was gone, Spring Time had sprung in East Texas! Everything was in bloom. The azaleas were at the height of their glory, and the scent was heavenly.

While I was there, we even had Aleyna's 2nd birthday party! I cut Aleyna's hair and made a "Taggy blanket" for her doll. 

Aleyna loves her haircut!
I sewed a "Minnie Mouse" dress for Aleyna and decorated a onesie for 2-week old Abby. I also decorated cupcakes and helped with Minnie Mouse Party prep. It was a very special time!

Minnie Mouse onesie and dress
The youngest "Minnie Mouse"

Finally, it was time to go home for a few days before my next "Mamaw 911" trip.

I finished mulching, watered my flowers, and tried to make sure everything was in good order at home before leaving again. By this time, the flowers were looking beautiful!

When I arrived in Washington, D.C., in April, it was rather chilly. A few trees were just starting to bud, buy most of the trees were still mainly bare. It felt rather brisk and wintry. 

It was great spending time with Lucas and Cody. I taught grandson Lucas how to "rub noses", so he rubbed noses with their dog, Cody!

We played outside and sang songs while I pushed Lucas in his swing.

I made Lucas's favorite Italian meal, and he ate more than I did!

During my stay, the miracle of Spring happened, and it was absolutely spectacular  I loved going for long walks pulling Lucas in the wagon and seeing all the beautiful flowers. Believe me, it was much easier going down the incline than it was going back up!

Their backyard became a blaze of color! I told them this looks like something in a magazine!

Finally, Joshua and Natalie returned, and we had some quality family time. A few days later, it was time for me to fly home.

I arrived home safely. The next day was grandson's Noah's birthday party!

Noah & Mia enjoy Lego Minecraft Cake!
Alex loves to pull the wagon!

At home, the beautiful colors of Nature continue!

The first rose blooms!

The Confederate Jasmine were in full bloom on my arbor.

I will admit - the "Mamaw 911 Tour" was a little exhausting, but would I do it again? Of course! How many times in a lifetime do you get to experience your favorite season 3 times and spend quality time with those you love, all in a matter of weeks?

Happy Spring!!

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