Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Country Bunny Collection

I just love my Country Bunnies! My collection started with a gift of 1 bunny from my niece, and, naturally, the bunnies multiplied! Most of these bunnies are special handmade gifts, and they are part of my country home decor all year long. 

When a niece gave me My First Bunny in her handmade country blue dress, I fell instantly in love with Country Bunnies! Below she is sitting with Brother and Sister Bunny, who were also gifts. The antique cradle was an unbelievable find on Craig's List!

Another special gift, Flop-Eared Bunny loves the bunny basket, and so do I! The basket was beautifully sewn by a neighbor from a group of sewn and stuffed bunnies. The bunnies were then sewn together around the stuffed fabric bottom. A braided stuffed handle is the perfect finishing touch!

Lets's go shopping in the Birdhouse Village with Corn-husk Bunny!

Soft Bunny and birdhouse definitely make this arrangement say, "Spring Time"!

Straw-Hat Bunny and Blue Bow Bunny are all decked out to go to town! A wooden distressed cart provides the transportation.

This jointed Wooden Bunny is always dressed for the season with changeable ears, tie and a flag. 

My husband surprised me with this beautiful Large Navy Blue Bunny one year for Christmas. She was lovingly made by a talented coworker. She loves sitting and listening to music in this wood rocker that my sons sat in years ago. Now sometimes the grand-kids take turns in this rocker! 

This Mamma Bunny with 6 Babies was a gift from a special friend. Looks like she needs to take a well-deserved nap!

My Dining Room is where most of my bunnies quietly congregate.

On top of my corner cabinet is a trio of bunnies. I made the Mop Bunny and taught that craft one summer at church camp. The other two Twin Bunnies were a "They're-so-cute-I-can't-resist-them" purchase!

The bunnies and antiques on the shelves create an interesting mix!

The shelf purchased at a Flea Market is a great place to display more of my collection. Another special gift, the Floral Bunny on the shelf is made from a block of wood with stuffed fabric attached. By the way, despite what the sign says, the 3 Bunnies in a Basket are not for sale!

This Plush Bunny (a gift from a niece) looks forward to dinnertime as she sits in a handmade high chair that I bought for a bargain at my first Flea Market. "Bring on the carrots!"

Angel Bunny holds a garland of carrots which can be easily switched to her garland of hearts.

Momma and Baby Bunny sweetly share secrets on top of a ladder with their baskets of fresh flowers. Don't you just love these ladies in pink?

Trapunto quilting was used to make this Bunny-in-a-Hoop picture.

Below is the backside of the bunny-in-a-hoop picture. First, the bunny fabric pillow panel was laid on top of a square of muslin fabric. I then machine quilted around the bunny and flowers. Next, I used a seam ripper to slit the muslin inside of the bunny and flowers from the back side and add batting. The eraser end of a pencil is helpful for this step. After I was satisfied with the amount of batting, I loosened the screw in a 14-1/2" embroidery hoop, put the fabrics in, and pulled to stretch the fabrics evenly, being careful that the top of the hoop was above the bunny's head. I then tightened the screw of the hoop and trimmed the excess fabric. White glue was applied to the back along the fabric edges and hoops. Last, the eyelet lace ruffle was glued on to the back along the edges of the hoops. If desired, a bow can be added to the front at the top.

Back of Trapunto Bunny
My Standing Bunny, a gift from a "Secret Pal", holds a garland of stuffed checkered hearts sewn to a ribbon. The base for her body is a weighted 2-liter soft drink bottle which is first covered in muslin. She was the inspiration for this 2-minute Springtime arrangement on my mantle. I hope you enjoyed my Country Bunny Collection!

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  1. I love your twin bunnies. I go to alot of crafts show's I love the bunnies.