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"Frozen" Birthday Party

It's a "Frozen" Birthday Party for 2 "princess" granddaughters, and you are invited to check out the many activities, treats, free-standing Olaf, appliqued Olaf dresses, and adorable crocheted Anna and Elsa hats! I hope you enjoy the party!

I love the "Frozen" Movie, and when it became official that granddaughters Abby & Aleyna were having a "Frozen" Birthday Party, my first thought was, "They need "Frozen" dresses!" Buying those dresses would have cost a small fortune, but luckily sewing is a passion of mine. I ended up making "Frozen" dresses with "Olaf" appliques for all 3 granddaughters!

Mia, Olaf, and Aleyna
Abby is 1 year old!
Abby's hairband and bow
 matched her dress perfectly!

I found "Frozen" Clip art online and used it to draw Olaf. Fortunately, I can look at pictures and "free-hand" draw them, so I was able to easily draw Olaf in 2 sizes for the dress appliques and a larger snowman for the free-standing Olaf.

Aleyna strikes a pose
For the "Frozen" Cupcakes,  -  2 batches of "French Vanilla" cupcakes (total 48) were baked and cooled. Additional "Jumbo" cupcakes were baked to decorate for the birthday girls. I used this recipe for "Easy Vanilla Buttercream Frostingfrom: We made 2 batches of frosting; I left one batch of frosting white, and I tinted the other batch light blue.  Daughter-in-law Heejin and I piped swirls of icing on the cupcakes with large 1M decorating tips which were inserted into disposable cake decorating bags. Cake Mate Cupcake Gems Shimmer White Sugar was sprinkled on the blue icing, and blue sugar was sprinkled on the white icing. In addition to the sugar, Kraft Jet-Puffed Mallow Bits were added to the jumbo cupcakes to resemble snowballs.

Nancy's Tips: 
If you don't have a cake decorating bag, you can use a gallon freezer bag. First, snip one corner off the bag and insert the decorating tip. Tape the bag securely around the tip to keep the icing from squirting out.  Add the icing to the bag and seal closed. A Wilton 4B decorating tip can also be used to pipe the swirls.

Jumbo Cupcakes with snowballs for the Birthday Girls
A large handmade "FROZEN" sign made from Brown Kraft Paper glued onto cardboard hung over the snowy stage.

Daughter-in-law Ashley did an awesome job with coordinating the food to the "Frozen" theme. She also made decorative signs for each item. She got many of her ideas from Pinterest:

Here's the "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" link:

The other food ideas and names came from this website:

"Melted Ice" was ice water with crushed ice served in a crystal clear container with silver dispenser.

"Anna and Elsa's Snowballs" were crunchy White Cheddar Cheese Balls. These are available at Christmas as "Snowballs" and at Easter as "Cottontails".

Daughter-in-law Natalie made delicious "Sven's Reindeer Munch" by first combining Frosted Cheerios, Vanilla Chex Mix, etc., and then adding M&Ms and pretzels. She then melted white almond bark and mixed it with the dry ingredients to cover it all.

Delicious ripe strawberries dipped in white chocolate make scrumptious "Frozen Hearts"

Ashley's Tip: Don't leave the "Frozen Hearts" in the freezer too long or they will crack!  Thaw at least 30 minutes before serving.

"Olaf's Noses" were simply fresh mini-carrots with Ranch Dressing for dipping.

Nana Rocky made the punch from her own recipe and added the "Snow Cap Punch" name found on Pinterest. The punch was easily made by combining Blue Hawaiian Punch, 7 Up, and vanilla ice cream. Ashley's crystal punch bowl was set atop a "mirrored" silver platter which reflected the punch colors beautifully!

Ashley's Tip: You can change the color of punch to match the theme of the party. They recently made green punch with lime sherbet for St. Patrick's Day.

Snowflake napkins, plates and frosted white cups helped set the "Frozen" mood.

Games and Activities

Let the music begin!! Beautiful songs from the "Frozen" movie were played by DJ Jacob during each activity and game. Some of the kids and adults sang along!

"Pin the Nose on Olaf" was a very popular and fun-filled activity. This game was loaned from a church that had recently had a "Father/Daughter Frozen Night".

"Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?"

Advance Prep: Ashley cut the marshmallows and Jacob cut the orange "gummy" noses ahead of time. The pieces were placed on plates and stored in Ziploc gallon bags. Doing this step ahead of time made the activity go smoothly!

First, put the icing on the graham crackers.

Alex is adding the marshmallows.
The kids loved "building" their snowman on a graham cracker! The snowman was built by first spreading white icing on a graham cracker. Marshmallows, eyes, a "gummy" nose and chocolate chips were added along with pretzel arms! 

Noah built a snowman!
Yummy! Noah ate a snowman!
Lucas loves to blow bubbles!

Outdoor activities (with "Frozen" music) included blowing bubbles, a bubble machine, playing on the Swing Set, and the ever-popular Fun Jump!

Alex and Aleyna hop 'til they drop!

Hey! This is fun!

Abby and "Mommy" Ashley
The kids loved posing for photos with Olaf on the "Stage"!

"Happy Birthday to Abby & Aleyna!" 
Blow out the candles! 
It's time for cupcakes!

2 yards of snowflake fabric
 made a perfect tablecloth!
Abby loves her Jumbo Cupcake!

Finally, it's time to open the presents! 

Gifts from Mamaw & Papaw!
"Daddy" Jacob helps open the boxes.

Aleyna's Anna Princess Dress

Aleyna holds her new Anna Doll.

Anna & Elsa hats were designed and hand-crocheted by my talented niece, Leslie Shamblin. Her website is:

Abby in her Elsa Hat
Aleyna loves her Anna Hat!
Big Family Event - The "Frozen Party" was the first time that all 6 of our grandchildren were together!


Bubbles and Treats -

Thanks for coming!

And the Grand Prize is - 
A Family Trip to Disney World!
It was a magical party!

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