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"Let's Plan a Mother's Day Skit!"

Do you work with kids at church, school, or other places? If so, you probably do programs from time to time. This easy-to-perform skit, complete with songs, poems, and a cheer, was done for our annual Ladies Tea on Mother's Day at our church, but the skit can be easily adapted to other holidays and events. The great thing is, nothing needs to be memorized! (Don't) break a leg!!!

Happy Mother’s Day
FUMC Ladies’ Tea, May 11, 2014

Welcome (Our pastor welcomed the Ladies.)

Ms. Nancy: Happy Mother's Day! And now for a little history: Mother's Day began in a Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Anna M. Jarvis wanted to do something special in honor of her late mother, Anna R. Jarvis, who had taught Sunday School for over 20 years. The ladies who attended the first Mother's Day Celebrations in that church and a church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, received white carnations. White carnations are still used today to honor Mothers who have passed away, with red carnations to honor Mothers who are living. West Virginia became the first state to officially recognize Mother's Day, and President Woodrow Wilson signed the bill making the second Sunday in May the national Mother's Day in 1914. That's been 100 years!! 

Ms. Nancy: Moms, have you ever felt like you have lost your marbles? I know I have! You may have noticed the beautiful table arrangements have marbles in the bottom of the container. That's no accident. We all feel like we have lost our marbles now and then. Now (child's name) _____  will read a poem called “The Marble Story”.

A friend of mine once said to me, this marble is for you. 
Cause I was sure I had lost all of mine, when life became so blue. 
For now I know despite the odds, my marbles may be few. 
But this friend of mine reminded me, life can be wonderful, too. 
So here's a marble just for you, and only for some fun. 
So when you think you've "lost your marbles", you know you have at least one.

The poem was printed on tag board.

Marbles were glued to
 "The Marble Story" cards with E6000 glue.
Beautiful table arrangements were daisies
with marbles in fishbowls.

(At the end of the poem, the kids pass out “The Marble Story” poems with marble attached.)

Ms. Nancy: And now, you will enjoy some special, delicious treats served by our cute and talented kids! (Kids pass out snacks.)

(The kids then line up and walk on stage. They are seated in small chairs from the classrooms.  Microphones should be set up on stands.)

Ms. Nancy: Good Morning, kids! (I am holding Bonkers, a Monkey Puppet)

Kids: Good Morning, Ms. Nancy.

Ms. Nancy: Ready for "Open Them; Close Them"? Okay, let's go!

Open them; close them. Open them; close them. 
Give them 2 claps.
Open them; close them. Open them; close them.
Put them in your lap.

Ms. Nancy: Kids, we have a lot to do this morning. Does anyone know what holiday is coming up?

Kids: Mother's Day (someone may answer, "My Birthday", etc.)

Ms. Nancy: That's right, kids! It's almost Mother's Day! We always do a special program for the Mothers and all the ladies to show how much we appreciate them. (to the monkey puppet) What's that, Bonkers? (Bonkers makes monkey sounds.) Bonkers said his Mom goes "Bonkers" over bananas, so he is giving her a special bunch of bananas for Mother's Day. That is so thoughtful, Bonkers. 

(hold up folders) I brought a couple of folders of ideas for Mother's Day, and I thought we could see which ideas you like. Who likes poems? Here's a favorite poem, “A Mother Just Like Mine”. (1-3 kids) ______, ______, and ______, will you read the poem for us now? Remember, this is just a practice, but do your best to read loudly and clearly through the microphones. (The last line can be done in unison.)

If everybody had a mother, that was just like mine,
Then everybody would be happy, and things would be just fine.
She makes a meal in a minute, and does the laundry, too.
That's why we wanna wish you, Happy Mother's Day.

She wakes me up in the morning, cheerful as can be.

The only time she's grumpy, is before coffee.
She can make a cut better, with nothing but a kiss.
That's why we wanna wish you, Happy Mother's Day.

She's a friend when I need one, she is always there.

Her hugs make me feel safe, when I've had a scare.
I know I don't always say it, but it is always true.
That's why we wanna wish you, Happy Mother's Day.

Ms. Nancy: Thanks, kids, that was great. And now, who likes to go to ballgames? Do you like to yell and cheer for your team? Okay, let's give a cheer for the moms! I have these colorful letters that spell mother.
(Pass out the letters of M-O-T-H-E-R to 6 kids)
The kids holding the letters will hold them high when we say them.  

It will go like this: We will say "Give me an M"! And then (child's name)____ and I will say, "M - marvelous" and you will say "M - marvelous". Make sure you are LOUD!! Are you ready?
Kids: Yeah!! (etc.)

Ms. Nancy and Helper: "Give me an M"!   "M - marvelous"!  
Kids: "M - marvelous"
Ms. Nancy: Okay, we've got it! Let's repeat with the other letters.
O - outstanding
T - terrific
H  - happy
E  - excellent
R  - responsible

Ms. Nancy and Helper: What've you got? (Mother!) Say it again (Mother!) Louder!! (Mother!!)  Rah! Rah! Rah!! (We did this cheer twice.)

Ms. Nancy:  (pick up the parrot puppet) That was great, kids. Now, who likes to sing? (Parrot Puppet makes sounds) Took, I am so glad you are here. Do you have a song for us? (Have parrot make song sounds.) That was beautiful! I am sure your Mom loves it!  I have several songs in my folder, but we can't do them all. Who knows “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain”? (Kids raise hands.) This song is similar, but I just changed the words so it would work for Mother's Day. We will also do hand motions. For example, when we sing "She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain when she comes", we will shake our heads and cross our hands as we say "Not here"!

She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes (Not here)
She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes (Not here)
She’ll be coming round the mountain 
She’ll be coming round the mountain
She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes (Not here)

Ms. Nancy: Each verse will be done in a similar way. For the next verse, hold your nose when you say "P-U".
She’ll be doing lots of laundry when she comes (P-U)

***(See 1st verse for repetition of each line.)

Ms. Nancy: For "Yum, Yum", rub your tummies.
She’ll be baking yummy cookies when she comes (Yum, Yum)

Ms. Nancy: Raise your fist in the air 2 times when you say, "Walmart!"
She’ll be doing lots of shopping when she comes (Walmart!)

Ms. Nancy: For "honk, honk", pretend you are blowing the horn.
She’ll be driving kids to practice when she comes (Honk, honk)

Ms. Nancy:  Move your hands like you are revving up a motorcycle when you say, "V-room, V-room"!
She’ll be riding a brand new Harley when she comes (V-room, V-room)

She’ll be riding a brand new Harley   when   she   comes-----! Vroom!!!

Ms. Nancy: That was super! Is that song a definite for the program? 

Kids: Yes! We love it! (Etc.)

Ms. Nancy: Great! Okay, I have another poem in my file. It's called, “Why God Made Mothers”. (child's names) _____, would you read it, please? (Ask 1-3 kids to read the poem. Optional - they can say the last line of each verse in unison.)

God knew that everybody needs
Someone to show the way,
He knew that babies need someone
To care for them each day.
He knew why they needed someone sweet
To soothe their baby cries
To teach them how to walk and talk,
And sing their lullabies.....
That's why God made Mothers.

He knew small children need someone 

To lend a guiding hand,
To answer all their questions 
And to smile and understand.
Someone to read them storybooks,
To teach them wrong from right
To show them wonderful new games
And hear their prayers at night...
That's why God made Mothers.

And then throughout their childhood years,

God knew that children need
Someone to smile at them with pride,
Encourage each new deed;
As they grow up and all their lives
God knew that everywhere
All children need a mother's heart
To understand and care.
That's why God made Mothers.

Ms. Nancy: Let's try another song. I wrote this song, "Clap Your Hands", and you can clap your hands as you sing. (Demonstrate)

Clap your hands    ‘cause it’s Mother’s Day.
Clap your hands    ‘cause it’s Mother’s Day.
Give a cheer.   Hip, Hip, Hooray!
Clap your hands   ‘cause  it’s    Mo - ther’s - Day.

Ms. Nancy: And now, kids, do you feel like you are ready for the real program for Mother's Day? I know the Moms will be excited.

Kids: They’re here.

Ms. Nancy: Where?

Kids: Right there (Kids point to the Moms.)

Me: I’m so embarrassed! (to the Moms) I hope you enjoyed our Mother's Day Practice!

Ms. Nancy: Okay, kids, since the Moms are here, let's do that last song with maracas!
(Kids help pass out maracas and sing "Clap Your Hands" as they shake maracas.)

All Kids: Happy Mother’s Day!
(As the kids leave the stage, they put their maracas in the container.)

(Kids pass out Desserts.)

Ms. Nancy: And now for our last poem, (child's name) ______ will read the "Mother's Survival Pack" poem. Following the poem, the kids will give you each a Survival Pack. 

(One child (or more) reads “Mother’s Survival Pack” poem. 
After the reading, kids pass out the "Mother's Survival Packs" to the Moms.)

Mother’s Survival Pack

to thank you for all your intelligent advice and helping with homework
Lifesaver –
because we all need a little help sometimes
Band-Aid –
for healing hurt feelings
Hugs and kisses
to thank you for loving unconditionally
Pack of seeds
to thank you for helping kids grow
Tootsie Roll
to remind you to let the small stuff roll off your shoulders
Rubber Band
to remind you to be flexible so you will not be bent out of shape
to remind you that laughter is often the best medicine
Chamomile Tea Bag
to remind you that sometimes, rest is best

A bag
to help you keep it all together
Thank you for always being there 365 days of the year.
First United Methodist Church, 2014

Mother's Day Survival Packs -
The poem was glued to the front and a doily to the back.
The bags were then stapled at the top.

Ms. Nancy: Thank you so much for attending, and Happy Mother's Day!!

*   *   *   *   *

The ladies really enjoyed our Ladies Tea! The kids did a great job with the songs and poems as well as serving refreshments to the Moms.

Here's the information that was on our program:

Happy Mother’s Day

Ladies’ Tea
May 11, 2014
First United Methodist Church
New Iberia, Louisiana


History of Mother’s Day

“The Marble Story” poem

Indulge in the sampling of many treats prepared for you and enjoy the specialty teas selected and served for you with love.

“Let’s Plan a Skit!”
and Songs
performed by FUMC Joyful Noise Choir


“Mother’s Survival Pack” poem

Children are the apple of God’s eye. Psalm 17:8

The Programs

Ms. Nancy's Notes:
  • Our kids range in age from 3 - 10, and they all did a great job with the skit.
  • Drinks - Peach Iced Tea and Water
  • Food included Ham Roll-ups, Spinach Roll-ups, Muffins, Cake Balls, Breakfast Casserole, and Fresh Fruit Cups.
  • 1, 2, or 3 kids could read each poem, depending on the number of kids in your group.
  • Nothing needs to be memorized! I ad-libbed my part, but I wrote it to give you an idea of what I said.
  • I do not know the author of the poems - they really were in my old Mother's Day Folder! I searched the internet and could not find information regarding the authors.
  • I found "The Marble Story" poem on this site:  
  • I had some ideas for a Survival Pack, found a few more I liked, and put it all together in one poem. 
  • At our church, all ladies are invited to the Mother's Day Tea.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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