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Peeps Bunnies Candy Bouquet Arrangement

It's Spring, and everyone loves Peeps, especially when they are "Dipped and Sprinkled"! Use my easy-to-follow directions and photos to create a beautiful Peeps Candy Bouquet Arrangement that can be enjoyed this Easter and/or Spring as a centerpiece or gift. Individual Peeps Pops are also great to hand out as treats. Variations of the arrangement are included.

Directions for flower pot:

Use a plastic knife to cut a foam block to fit into a 4" terra cotta flower pot. Save the extra pieces of foam for "filler". You may remove the foam block and set aside, or leave it in as you paint. Before adding the candy, the foam will be covered with aluminum foil.


Use make-up sponges and Spring colors of craft paint to "dab" paint onto the pot. "Dots" can be made with the eraser of a new pencil dipped in paint. Set a timer, and do this painting quickly! I did mine in 5 minutes! Set aside to dry.

When dry, replace the foam covered with aluminum foil.

Dipped and "Sprinkled" Peeps

Ingredients and Materials:

Peeps Bunnies
Wilton Candy Melts
12" skewers


Cut 5 - 12" skewers into 2 equal pieces using wire cutters or old scissors.

Place Wilton Melts in a glass microwavable bowl in the Microwave at 20-30 second intervals until melted. Stir until smooth.

Dip a Peeps Bunny in the melted wafers and swirl around until 1/2 of the bottom of the body is covered. If needed, use a spoon to help spread the Melts.

Immediately, apply Sprinkles to the Melts. Work over a plate so you can reuse the Sprinkles that drop. 

Insert the smooth end of a 6" skewer in each Peep Bunny. Be careful to stop before you go through head!

Place the Peep Bunnies in a tumbler or on a plate. Place in the refrigerator for about 1 minute until Melts are firm.

If you plan to eat the Peeps, cover each with a piece of Saran Wrap, and add a small piece of cellophane tape in the back. You may also use a small lollipop bag.

Twist the bag or Saran Wrap around the skewer. Tie 1 or 2 - 18" pieces of curling ribbon around the base of the Peep Bunny to secure the cellophane to the skewer. 

To curl the ribbon, open scissors and place the curled side of the ribbon on the scissors blade. Apply pressure with your thumb as you carefully pull the ribbon across the blade, creating a curl.

Hot-glue skewers to the backs of 4-5 wrapped "mini" candy bars, making sure the writing on the candy wrappers is "right side up" on the front side. (I know these look upside down, but they are okay on the front side.)

Add shredded paper grass to the foil-covered foam in the flower pot. 

Optional: Add jelly beans and/or chocolate eggs. 

Tie  6 - 18" pieces of curling ribbon in a knot on a 12" piece of wire. Use scissors to curl the ribbon (see above). 

Wrap the wire onto a short piece of skewer or toothpick. Stick skewer w/ribbon into the foam.

Arrange the Peeps in the flower pot by pushing the skewers into the foam. 

Add the candy bar skewers to the pot, and you are finished!

Variations of the Bouquet Arrangement

This bouquet is made by using 7 Peeps Pops in the 4" terra cotta pot.

Here's a smaller version using 5 Peeps Pops.

Individual Peeps Pops are great for treats!

This Peeps Candy Bouquet Arrangement was made for daughter-in-law Ashley last Spring when my newest granddaughter Abby was born. Along with pink Peeps, it contains her favorite Easter candy (Reese's Eggs), and other mini chocolate bars. 12" skewers were used and cut to size as needed for this larger arrangement. I used a 6" terra cotta pot and painted the pot brown and pink with stripes and polka-dots to match the nursery. Curly ribbons were tied into a bow, and a toy was added.

You may also enjoy this Chocolates & Roses Valentine's Day Candy Arrangement. It's also great for Valentine's Day and contains rosebuds made from Hershey's Kisses and Hugs.

Ms. Nancy's Notes:

I got the idea for this arrangement last Spring when I was planning to teach an Easter craft to a group of teachers at an Alpha Delta Kappa Meeting. I "googled" and found some edible arrangements with Peeps, and that was my inspiration. I hope you enjoy my version!

Happy Easter!

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