Friday, April 11, 2014

Take a Survey!

Need a fun, high-interest, Math/Science Project? Try this Math/Science Survey! This project involves student interaction, predicting, analyzing and recording, graphing, as well as mean, median, mode, and range. Writing skills are also utilized. My class loved this activity!


  • Discuss "Survey" with your class. What is the meaning? How are surveys done? How are the results of surveys used?
  • Explain the activity to the class.
  • Copy and distribute the recording sheet (below). Have students do the question, 5 choices and make a prediction of the favorite. 
  • They will make their own survey sheet on loose-leaf. It will be helpful if each student has a clipboard. Allow students to conduct the survey during an outside recess. 
  • Allow an extra recess, if needed, to complete the survey.
  • The remainder of the project will be completed in class.
  • Option for small schools and/or Home Schools: Survey a smaller number of students, or survey family and friends by phone or e-mail.


Math/Science              Name___________________#____
Survey/Bar Graph        Date_________________________

Project Description: 
Conduct a survey with 25 students at your school (who are not in your class).  You will choose a question for the survey and 5 choices. 

Question: What is your favorite ____________________? 

(d) _________________ 

(1)State your prediction of the favorite in a complete sentence.

My Prediction:_____________________________________
Reason for Prediction: ______________________________


(2) On loose-leaf paper, construct a chart to record students’ names and choices.

(3) In the space below, make a "Tally Chart" for counting choices.

(4)Make a Bar Graph on Graph Paper to show your results.  Include a title, labels, and appropriate scale.

(5)Which was the favorite choice?____________________________
(6)Which was the least favorite choice?________________________
(7)Was your prediction correct?________  Explain _____________
(8) Use your data to find the following:
Median ___________________
Range ____________________
(10) If you surveyed 100 people, would you expect the results to be different?      yes      no Explain.______________________________________________



Additional Teacher Tips:

  • This activity can easily be adapted for different ages and ability levels.
  • Favorites can include: color, food, holiday, restaurant, toy, subject, sport, TV show, Video game, Movie, YouTube Video, Singer, Singing Group, etc.
  • My class displayed their findings on a poster that was displayed in the hallway.
  • Class presentations of findings can also be done.
  • When Class Presentations were done in my classroom, I always had the students take notes. They listed each student's name and a fact about each presentation. This sheet was then turned in for a grade. I found this made them more active listeners and aided overall attention and behavior!

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