Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Decorating - JustTech FDC - Fredericksburg, Virginia

I recently decorated another JustTech Office 
for my son Joshua Justice (founder, owner, and President of JustTech). This new office and warehouse are just outside the historic City of Fredericksburg, Virginia, I am really pleased with how it turned out. Enjoy the pictures of the transformation from "drab to fab"!

I was so excited to hear that my son Joshua's company, JustTech, was opening a new office near Fredericksburg (FXBG), Virginia! I loved decorating the Morgantown, West Virginia, office a few months before, and this would be my second opportunity to get the creative juices flowing - in a big way!

This new venture is the Fredericksburg Distribution Center, commonly called FDC. This new FXBG Office would provide office space for the North Eastern Virginia and Virginia Northern Neck Regions’ sales team. In addition, it would house a large warehouse. From this centralized location, JustTech would then deliver Xerox copiers, multifunction devices, and printers to clients in all of JustTech’s regions which include 6 states and Washington, DC.

I visited the FDC Office and Warehouse during construction. I measured, took photos, drew sketches, and took many notes.  

I had learned a lot "on the job" during the first office decorating, so I was a bit more prepared for what to expect. Those blank, boring walls would soon be filled with interesting photos and wall decor!

Unfortunately, the completion of the office and warehouse was delayed. This delay was due to the Global Shipping Crisis and the Covid 19 pandemic, and  decorating (the important part) was thereby put on hold. During this time, I worked on project ideas and made Wish Lists of what to order. Next were the unforeseen delays with permits, etc.

Finally, we were given the "go ahead" that the offices could soon be occupied!

Pictures, posters, and postcards were purchased and framed.


Appropriate wall decor was purchased. 

Other custom pieces were designed and created. About half of my house looked like a combination Craft Factory/Warehouse during this time!

Teamwork: Need a flag? It's JustTech pallets to the rescue! After I measured for the American Flag, my husband Charlie cut and assembled the wood into a rectangle. I helped with some of the screws, painted stripes, and added the stars.

More Teamwork: My daughter-in-law Natalie (Joshua's wife) is the Cricut Pro, and she used her Computer "Magic" to design and cut the decals for the painted wood pieces on the main wall in the Lobby. Together, we applied the wording and got it done! 

More projects:

Pictures were taken, edited, and transformed into wall canvases - complete with personalized ID plates. 

Desks, shelves, chairs, and the necessities were purchased, delivered, and assembled. 

It was a very busy time!

F i n a l l y, it was time to take most of the items to the FXBG Office and start hanging the wall art!


You may recognize the gentleman in the photos below as Charles Justice, Senior Vice President/COO of JustTech, but to me he is my husband Charlie, CPH (Chief Picture Hanger)!

Please step inside!

Welcome to the JustTech FDC Lobby!

American Flag created from JustTech Pallet

The Main Hallway

The Conference Room

To help with security issues, the windows in the Lobby, Conference Room,  and Warehouse were professionally tinted. This process also helped with glare and temperature control. We can see out, but no one can see in!

The Offices

Before we tour the offices, I want to explain the number of decorations. Each office received a new large Dry Erase Board which is not shown in the photos. Employees had the option of adding personal decorations on the walls, and I decorated 2-3 walls in each office. Personal decorations are not shown in this post.

I wanted to showcase the local scenery and historic sites, so I bought postcards at some local shops and also took photos. The FXBG Visitors' Center also had some free postcards that were very useful. I then bought wood frames in bulk and matted the post cards and photos before framing.

The Second Hallway

Metal Art and Framed Maps of the Areas Served

Postcards and Photos of the area
 hung between 2 layers of glass

Wood Virginia wood cutout on Torched Wood

The Kitchen and Break Room

Kitchen, before

Kitchen, after

For the "Kitchen" sign, I distressed
and stenciled a scrap board.

And the Regulations were hung!

Time for a break!

The Restrooms

I purchased coat hooks for each of the 4 restrooms as well as a storage cabinet, paper towel holder, and other essentials.

The free print below was the inspiration for the Ladies' Restroom. I glued it to a metal framed wooden tray and added embellishments. I added silk flowers from a bouquet to the wooden tray and used the remaining flowers to decorate a wreath and display in a jar.

The Men's Restroom and the other 2 restrooms each received a framed motivational poster.

The Warehouse

Metal art hanging above the desk

The electric Stacker is used to move products
on pallets and can be used for placing
products on the racking.

Ready for another delivery!

After about 6 years, 

the JustTech Warehouse "Dream" 

has become a Reality


Fredericksburg Distribution Center 

About JustTech:

JustTech is a technology company providing managed IT and managed print services to over 3,000 clients in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. JustTech is Xerox’s 8th largest partner in the United States and provides their full line of copiers and printers. App development for Xerox products is also a focus of JustTech’s with over 100,000 apps installed globally. In 2020, JustTech became the exclusive reseller in the United States of PrintAnyWay, which is the most complete & affordable print management software available. JustTech was an Inc. 5000 designee of the fastest growing companies in America in 2020 and 2021 and a 2023 CRN MSP 500 honoree.

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