Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Decorate a Mini Tree!

Mini Trees are fun to decorate, but it is often difficult to find mini ornaments, especially at an affordable price. Why not make your own? These quick and easy ornaments were made from foam scatter shapes and foam stickers. This tree was done for St. Patrick's Day, but mini trees can be decorated for any season and/or holiday. Have fun crafting!

I love to decorate! I decorate my mini lighted tree and 4' Alpine tree (both on sale from Hobby Lobby) and change the ornaments for different holidays and seasons.


Foam scatter shapes (from Dollar Tree)
Large Darning needle
2-Ply metallic thread or thin cord
Foam stickers

Directions for Foam Ornaments:

Use about 1 yard of metallic thread in a darning needle. Carefully pull 1 end longer than the other. Do not tie the ends!

Carefully punch the threaded needle through the top middle of the foam shape about 1/4" from the edge.

Slowly pull the thread through the hole. Cut the longer thread that is going through the ornament to 8".

Tie 2 knots at the top of the ornament.

Tie the cord ends together in an overhanded knot. Trim ends of the threads evenly.

After I made the foam ornaments, it was time for a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy more supplies and some wood ornaments for my 4' tree. Everything that I bought was on sale, of course!

Directions for Sticker Ornaments:

Cut a 7 1/2" piece of Metallic thread.

Fold the thread in half. Tie an overhand know close to the folded end. Tie another overhand knot in the ends. Trim ends evenly.

Choose 2 stickers that are identical in size or close to the same size.

Remove the backing from 1 sticker. With the cut ends up, place the folded tied end of the thread in the middle of the top of the sticker.

Remove the backing from the other shape. Press it on top of the other shape with the tied thread in between.

Tip: If the shapes don't match perfectly, trim the overhang with small, sharp scissors.

It's done!

These ornaments are very fast! Here's some more that I made.

I put some of the ornaments on my 4' tree.

I love to collect red trucks.  Loaded with holiday gear, they are great accent pieces!

Antique truck filled with foam shapes
and plastic coins 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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