Saturday, June 17, 2023

Celebration Candy Bouquet Arrangement DIY

Who loves to receive a bouquet, especially when it's made of candy? I certainly do! I made this Candy Bouquet Arrangement for my grandson Noah's Graduation Party, but it can easily be personalized for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Retirement, New Baby, Get Well, Birthday, etc. - You name it! Easy to follow directions and photos are included. It's time to celebrate!

I was trying to think of a good gift for my grandson's Graduation Party when BRAINSTORM!! What does he really like? CANDY!!!!! So I decided to make him a Candy Bouquet Arrangement as one of his gifts from me. 

I knew some of his favorite candy, and his brother Alex and sister Mia had lots of ideas! 

I wanted all of the candy to be wrapped - some of the candy to be larger (movie size), some medium, and some smaller pieces for filler.

I also wanted to include a card or something with his Graduation Year 2023 on it.

After shopping at dollar stores, here's what I ended up with:

I love the 2023 sunglasses!

In addition to the candy, I also purchased a tall clear plastic mug from Dollar Tree. You will also need:
  • Clear wide heavy-duty tape 
  • 12" skewers
  • Clear plastic film (in a roll at Dollar Tree)
  • Narrow curling ribbon
  • Scissors


Note: Reserve 1 box of candy for the center box.

Turn the remaining boxes of candy face down. Tape two skewers (with the sharp end down) about 1 inch apart to the back of each box.

Tape one skewer to smaller wrapped candy that you want to display.

Tape the ends of the candy skewers to one side of the center "Reserved" box of candy. Turn the box over and tape more candy with skewers to the other side.

Place the center box of candy (with skewers and candy attached) into the clear mug. Add remaining small wrapped candy around the center box until it is snug, and no sticks can be seen.

Cut a skewer into a shorter length and tape it to the back of a card or ornament (like the "Grad" Sunglasses below). Carefully slide the stick into the mug between the filler candy and the center box.

Cut a large square of clear plastic film. Lay the film on a table and set the container in the middle. Cut 2 strips of curling ribbon, each about 36" long.

Gather up the film around the mug, and tie the 2 strips of ribbon around it (above the handle), keeping the ribbon snug. Tie a second knot in the ribbon. 

Cut 3-4 more strips of curling of ribbon into 18" lengths. Place the center of these lengths in the center of the ribbons tied around the mug. Tie the ribbons 2 times around these ribbons.

Curl the ribbons by carefully sliding one blade of open scissors under the back side of the ribbon. Pull gently, creating a curl. Repeat curls with remaining ribbons.

Round the edges of the clear film by trimming if needed.

This Candy Bouquet Arrangement
makes a great centerpiece!

Grandson Noah loves his Candy Bouquet Arrangement!
It's time to celebrate!

Additional Tips:
  • Do not try a Glue Gun for this project. I melts the candy!
  • If your container is not "see-through", you can use styrofoam to hold the skewers in place. This post shows how to paint a flowerpot as a base for the bouquet: Peeps Bunnies Candy Bouquet Arrangement

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