Monday, February 13, 2023

Warm Blueberry Jam

Warm Blueberry Jam - this delicious recipe reminds me of special Saturday morning breakfasts cooked by my mom when I was a kid. This was also a favorite surprise on family camping trips. While no one seems to have Mom's recipe, I came up with my own version that is quick, easy, and yummy delicious! I think Mom would approve!

Growing up, Mom always got up early and cooked us a hearty breakfast before school. Mine was usually an egg with sausage or bacon with toast, but Cream of Wheat and Coco Wheat were available for those who wanted it, along with a variety of jellies and apple butter. Cold cereal? Not usually at our house! 

Saturdays, however, were often even extra nice. Those special meals might contain home-made gravy, Pork chops, fried potatoes, creamed tomatoes, fried apples, or Warm Blueberry Jam along with Mom's homemade biscuits. Of course, the Blueberry Jam was always my favorite.

To make the Blueberry Jam, I remember she usually started with a can of blueberries, and she cooked it on the stove in a small silver saucepan. Sometimes she used fresh blueberries that she had picked. I know she added Corn Starch as a thickener and sugar to sweeten, but I don't know how much of each. Did she add water? I don't know. We always added butter to it on our plates, also. 

We never had to refrigerate leftovers, because there weren't any! Someone was always "scraping the pan!"

It is often hard to find canned blueberries in stores, but Blueberry Pie Filling is usually more readily available. I started experimenting with the Pie Filling, and here's my tried and true recipe! It's family tested and approved!


1 can Blueberry Pie Filling (21 oz)

3 Tablespoons water

1 Tablespoon butter (chopped)


Empty the Blueberry Pie Filling into a microproof container. Add water and butter. Stir.

Cover. Microwave on high 2 minutes. Stir, and heat on high about 1 more minute, until jam is hot and butter is melted. Stir.

This recipe can also be cooked in a small saucepan on very low heat on top of the stove. Stir frequently!

Enjoy with toast or a biscuit.

Another variation is to spread creamy peanut butter on a pancake and top with Warm Blueberry Jam!

Warm Blueberry Jam

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