Monday, January 18, 2021

Let it Snow, LET IT SNOW!

Does your home seem drab and dreary after the Christmas decorations come down? Don't despair! LET IT SNOW! 

I love to decorate, especially at Christmas. Each year's decorations seem a little more spectacular than the previous year's. But after Christmas used to be such a let-down: the decorations and tree were put away, and we were left with the 3 "Ds" - dreary, drab, and dull. It was depressing! (another "D") There were no tiny twinkling lights and no festive decorations. But why? Christmas is over, but winter still has about a couple more months to go.

The remedy started several years ago with my Village of miniature porcelain houses and figurines. My thoughts: "Hey, my Village looks Wintry. I think I'll leave it up a while longer this year."

Keeping the Village out throughout the winter became a tradition, along with some snowmen that look wintry and "didn't want to melt", followed by...etc. I'm sure you get the picture.

I already had some decorations that could lend themselves to both occasions, and I began focusing on expanding my collection with more winter decorations. Eventually, I was able to fill some storage crates with snowmen, icicles, etc., for winter - unofficially the "After Christmas" crates. Now when the Christmas decorations come down, the Winter Wonderland decorations come out!

Enjoy my collection - Let it Snow!

My small porch tree now has frosted snowflakes that can be left outside in winter. The vintage bucket that holds the tree was found in the woods on our property with the help of a metal detector. Great find!

Better hurry inside! It's cold out here!

Welcome to our Log Home in winter! It was chilly outside, but so cozy inside.

My alpine tree is now covered with snowflakes, snowmen, and icicles.

The icicles are so easy to make, and they take about 5 minutes each! This Icicle ornament craft is Justice Grandkids Tested and Approved!

The Living Room got a mini-makeover, also!

Grandson Alex helped me decorate my 2 "mini-trees" on my crate shelves with miniature ornaments and snowflakes.

Last month, these magnets held Christmas cards on the refrigerator. This month, "Do you wanna build a snowman?"

This large signed and numbered painting of a Morton Salt barn and mail truck replaced a Christmas truck picture on my Dining Room wall. I found this painting at a local antiques and collectibles shop.

A snowman replaced the small Christmas birdhouse, and blue and white flowers are now in the antique containers instead of the red poinsettias. Eventually I would like to paint some small branches silver or white with glitter to add to the flowers. What do you think?

In the arrangement below, a quick change of a couple of decorations along with a ribbon on the wreath, and it's good to go!

My Cozy Corner!

Another quick change - snowmen amid antique pottery added to my vintage cabinet.

This snowy village music box plays both Christmas and everyday songs. It was a special Christmas gift from my husband several years ago.

Here's more snowy decorations on the stairway landing - along with a birdhouse on a stand that I made. I created this birdhouse craft and taught it at church camp several years ago. Oh, the memories!

Downstairs in the Family Room, it's Winter Wonderland!

My "Lodge Tree" minus the Santa stuff!

The Christmas stockings recently hung on these clothespins, but now it's my handmade Snowman Swag. On the bottom clips, I think it's time for some handmade snowflakes. Maybe when the grandkids visit?

Outside for now we have some snowy flags...

...but sometimes we get the real "white stuff", the best winter decoration of all!

let it snow, Let It Snow, LET IT SNOW!

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