Friday, January 8, 2021

Privacy Curtain DIY

Do you have a window or a door with a window that needs a privacy curtain? This curtain was an "Easy-Sew" project that provides privacy and blocks light as well as heat. These curtains can even reduce energy costs. Try this project with your favorite fabric, and do it with style!

When I first saw our current log home, I was mesmerized by the beautiful view on all 4 sides. One thing I didn't like was the Master Bathroom door opening to the deck, especially since it didn't have a curtain! Nice view, but I wanted my privacy! 

I searched online and found a curtain rod with really strong magnets. That would be perfect, but I didn't know if the door was metal. Fortunately, it was!

I ordered the curtain rod for moving day, but there was still the dilemma about a curtain. I wanted a privacy curtain that would go with the tiles in the bathroom, and that wasn't happening until I had time to sew a custom curtain.

In the meantime, here is my husband'e solution - a beach towel! It worked, and it took care of the privacy issue. But did it match? What do you think? 

Although the beach towel was a great conversation piece when friends and family visited, eventually it was time to replace it.

I went shopping and found some fabric that was perfect! It has stripes that look like denim, just the look I was hoping for! (Denim is my absolutely favorite fabric!)

When I got home, I hung the fabric across the rod, and it looked great! 

Time to sew!

Please Note: The window on my door is 22" wide and 37" long. Please adjust the measurements if your window is a different size.


1-1/4 yards 43" to 44" Fabric of your choice

1-1/4 yards "Blackout" Lining Fabric

Please Note: "Blackout" Lining Fabric is available at Fabric stores, and usually is about 54" wide. I have seen it in white, ecru, and black.


Pre-wash and dry the fabric and remove the selvage edges. "Even up" the top and bottom edges, making them all straight and square.

Pre-wash and dry the "Blackout" Lining Fabric.

Press and sew a narrow 5/8" hem down both sides of the curtain fabric.

Press the bottom edge under 1-1/4". Turn the edge under 3/8" and press. Sew a straight stitch, creating a neat hem.

For the top casing, turn the fabric under 2-1/4" and press. Turn and press the edge under 3/8". 



Lay the "Blackout" Lining Fabric on a flat surface. Lay the curtain on top. Use the curtain as a pattern to cut the lining the same width as the curtain and 2-1/4" shorter. After the lining is hemmed, it will be slightly smaller and hidden under the curtain.

Turn the lining under 3/8" on both sides and stitch.

Turn the bottom under 5/8" and stitch.

Please Note: Since the "Blackout" Lining Fabric is heavy and does not ravel, I only turned it under 1 time before stitching.

Lay the privacy lining on the back side of the curtain with the top of the privacy curtain touching the pressed fold of the curtain. 

Please Note: Check to be sure the privacy curtain lining is shorter that the curtain. Trim the lining, if needed.

Fold the pressed fabric down over the lining and stitch along the pressed edge, creating a casing for the curtain rod. 

Sew a straight stitch across the top, 5/8" from the folded edge. This stitching will make the curtain look more professional!

Please Note: Do not sew the ends of the casing!

Last, pull the pieces of the curtain rod apart and insert them in the curtain. 

This was such a happy moment!

Privacy, sweet privacy!

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