Monday, October 12, 2020

Rustic Wood & Iron Wall Rack DIY

This Wood and Iron Wall Rack is a great way to add Farmhouse Rustic to your home! It's fun, easy, and very low cost. Best of all, it looks great and provides hanging space in any room of your home, from bathroom to entry way. Follow my DIY with photos to make your own!

I am continuing to add rustic touches to every room of my log home, so this rack in my downstairs bathroom had to go. 

I searched online for rustic wood wall racks, but the nice ones are outrageous, some as much as around $200! I really wanted to create my own, so my husband Charlie agreed to help. (Thank you, Charlie!)

Step 1 - Purchase the hooks. 

I ordered a set of 5 cast iron coat hooks online for about $18, and I am very pleased with them. They are 4.7 inches high and very sturdy. No 2 are exactly alike, which really adds to their rustic appeal.

Step 2 - So it's outside for the painting! 

I painted them "nickel" with a spray paint that included primer. I used several light coats from different angles with the hooks turned up, on their sides, etc., letting them dry thoroughly between coats. 

Step 3 - Find a board.

Amazing Find! Charlie found this rustic board in our storage cabin. (free!) It had been left along with some pieces of logs, etc., from the original build of our home!

Charlie cut the board to size (24"), and I sanded it relatively smooth with my palm sander.

Step 5 - Stain the board.

I used Golden Oak oil-based stain, but any color will do. Wear gloves and apply with a rag. Wipe off the excess stain.

Tip: Follow directions on the container for wiping time and drying time.

Step 6 - Antique the hooks.

Mix equal parts craft paint and Staining Antiquing Medium. Use a rag to apply small amount to a hook. Wipe off excess. Apply and wipe until desired finish is achieved.

Step 7 - Apply a clear finish. First I sanded lightly with a sand block. I then used 2 coats of a satin finish clear spray on the board and hooks, letting them dry between coats.

Step 8 - After the board and hooks are completely dry, attach the hooks to the board.

Measure and space the hooks evenly on the board. Mark the screw holes with a pencil.

Install wood screws through the hooks into the board.
Note: Check the length of the screws before installing. 

Step 9 - Attach the new rack.

If you are replacing a rack, remove the old rack.
Note: You may need to use Spackle to fill in the old holes from the original rack.

This rack is heavy, so it is best to attach it to the wall studs. Use a Stud Finder to locate the studs. Mark with a pencil. Use a level to make sure the board is even before anchoring it. We used the Level on my iPhone for this step.

Use long screws to attach the finished rack to the studs in 2 places. (See photo below)

You are almost done!

Step 10 - Attach the extra hook to a stud in the wall near the tub or shower.

While my Rustic Wood and Iron Wall Rack is in a bathroom, this rack is very sturdy and would be useful in any room. Think coats and hats in the foyer, towels and/or utensils in a kitchen, hats and jackets in a kid's room, etc.

I love my Rustic Wood & Iron Wall Rack!

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