Saturday, October 24, 2020

Upcycle: 2 to 1 Shower Curtain DIY

Do you have stained fabric shower curtains? Don't throw them out! Upcycle 2 into 1 unique shower curtain! DIY with photos is included in this post.

I have a new club, but I don't have time for meetings. It is the ICTIA Club. Have you heard of it? What does ICTIA stand for? You may have guessed - I Can't Throw It Away Club! I have unofficially been a member for countless years. Even as a child, I had trouble getting rid of things. I could always think of other uses for practically anything and wanted to save items to use later. 

Are you an unofficial member of the ICTIA Club? If so, you can identify with my dilemma.

I got rid of a lot of "STUFF" when I moved, and I have decided that I need to get rid of more. Recently I was going through crates, boxes, and a trunk to see what I could part with. I found 2 fabric shower curtains that were in good shape, except for staining on the bottom. We had hard water in our previous home, and the chemicals in the water had done some damage. As usual, after I had washed them and couldn't get the stains out, I put them away - until now! 

Plan of action: Cut off the stained areas and make a "new" shower curtain out of the usable parts!

Ugly stains!

Here's how to make your own!

Decide which curtain will be the top part. Lay it out evenly on a flat surface. My "ancient" cutting mat works great for this!

Mark and cut the curtain 36" from the top edge.

Remove the top finished edge from the other curtain. Cut this curtain 38-1/2" long. This curtain will end up on the bottom.

My "Modified" French Seam

With right sides together, pin the 2 pieces of shower curtain together, with the fabric for the top curtain on the bottom. The top curtain should extend 1-1/4" beyond the bottom curtain edge. 

Straight stitch the 2 curtains together. The new seam is 1/4" from the edge of the bottom fabric, and 1-1/2" from the edge of the top curtain fabric.

Next, turn the top fabric edge under 1/2" and pin across the bottom curtain . You may press if the fabric can be ironed. Stitch close to the folded edge, and you have finished the "modified" French Seam!

Sew both ends of the seam closed, also.

Bottom Hem
Measure, turn under 1" and again about 3/8". Pin and sew, creating a 5/8" bottom hem.  

Ms. Nancy's Note: 
My previous shower curtain was 72", so that is my finished length for this curtain. You may lengthen or shorten according to your desired length.

Finished Hem

And the curtain was hung!

Ms. Nancy's Notes: 
  • Before you begin this project, make sure both curtains are the same width. If not, you will need to hem the longer one to make them the same.
  • It's okay if the fabrics are not identical. Both of mine are white, but one is more sheer than the other. I think that adds to the overall uniqueness!
  • The stained fabric that I cut off did not go in the trash as planned. Most of it was cut into usable pieces and is now ready for "rags" when needed! Yes, I am still in the ICTIA Club!

My "new" Shower Curtain looks great
with my eyelet outer curtain!

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