Monday, June 15, 2020

Upcycle: Capris to Cargo Shorts!

There's a "goldmine" in that donate pile! Baggy Capris can easily be fashioned into Cargo Shorts using my "Sew Easy" directions and photos!

Do you have trouble getting rid of things? I certainly do! Such was the case of these capris: breathable cotton, comfortable, nice crinkly fabric, loved the color, but - baggy!

They were almost out the door with the Donate Pile when I had a brainstorm - Cargo Shorts! They had top pockets, and I could use the fabric that I cut off to make additional Cargo pockets!

Here's how you can transform your own!

Cutting and Hemming

Use a pair of shorts for the new desired length. Measure and cut, allowing 1-3/8" for the new hem.

Ms. Nancy's Tip: For my shorts, the amount that I cut off the capris was 8 inches. Amount may vary according to your height and length of original capris.

Turn under 1-3/8" and pin all the way around the legs. Press with a warm iron, steam preferred. 

Turn the edge under 1/4" and press again.

Machine stitch the hem. Repeat on the other leg. Steam press.


Turn the remaining part of the leg that was cut off so that the hem is on top. Pin the pattern to the leg piece and cut out 2 pockets. (See photo below for the dimensions that I used to cut the pockets.)

Cut 2 pieces of velcro (1/2" to 3/4" wide) 1-1/4 inches long. 

Cut 2 pieces of 1" wide twill tape 2-1/2 inches long.

Fold the side edges and bottom edge of both pockets under 1/2" and steam press. 

Measure and pin to mark the middle (top and bottom) of both pockets.

Pocket Back

Pocket Front

Fold the twill tape pieces in half. Sew a zigzag stitch across the cut edges.

With folded edge up, pin one piece of twill tape to the top center of the back side of each pocket with 3/4" of the twill tape extending above each pocket. Pin the soft side of velcro over the twill tape. Sew in place around the edges of the velcro and sew an "X" from corner to corner. 

Repeat on the other pocket.

Matching pocket center to the side seam, pin the pocket to the shorts. Mark the placement of the velcro and pin in place. Fold the top part of the pocket down.

Securely sew the velcro pieces in place on both sides of the shorts.

Sew the pockets in place, making sure the you securely sew the beginning and ending. 

Ms. Nancy's Tip: Along with backstitching, I sewed a "triangle" at the beginning and ending from hem to top about 1/4" from edge.

And now, the formerly "baggy capris" are very stylish Cargo Shorts that are comfortable, too!

Check out the "triangle" stitching on the top corners of the pockets.

Ready for a walk?

Fill those pockets, and go!

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